About Laura

welcome. :) Glad to have ya, friend.

I’m Laura. And I’m glad you’re here.

This is a space where I blog about life things I don’t want to forget.

Things that bring me joy, things that bring me sadness, and things that just perplex me.

Sometimes this is a blog where I show you photos of an event I planned.

Sometimes I just ramble about how awesome my husband is.

And sometimes I try a DIY project.

There are lots of pictures of my dog.

And lots of pictures of my niece Kate.

This is not a DIY blog where I impress you with my mad duct tape, mason jar, pinterest-in-real-life skillz. Not a health blog where I can tell you how to fix breakfast for under 200 calories. But one time I did blog about S’mores.

I’ll write about things like
my grandma’s green beans
– the time I got bangs and it was a disaster.
– when God moves
– when I threw a sock monkey baby shower and it rocked
– when I am reminded I am weak
when people think I’m pregnant
my biggest mistake since being married
when I need advice
– etc.

This is just my life blog. 

I hope you’ll join me.

Oh, and here’s the other 2/3 of my family.


This is our adventure.

My husband and I are trying to build a time machine so we can go back and re-live our wedding day over and over and over again. In the mean time, we’re having a blast figuring out how to be man and wife.

For my day job – I’m an executive assistant / marketing analyst for an international relief organization.


Other random facts:
– I am a Virginia Tech alumni
– I play the bass guitar
– Nicaragua holds a very special place in my heart (here’s why)
– Jesus is life.



You can check out her blog here: lifewithwaves

Lastly, an fyi: sometimes I blog everyday for months. Sometimes I don’t blog at all for months.
but I’m always on instagram, twitter, and pinterest so you can follow me there too: @laurasova

[all thoughts and opinions are my own]

Y’all come back now. :)


What do you think?

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