1 Down 3 to go

1 day down of no talking and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • I talk a lot. I know Jay, you’re shocked.
  • I’m bad at following rules. Technically this is supposed to be day 3 down and 1 to go if that tells you anything… however, I just completed my first successful day. yay me.
  • Let’s define successful: I actually talked a little around 2pm because I really needed to talk to my boss about important matters (like football.) I was silent 90% of the day and that’s basically an A+ so I’m chalking it up as a win.
  • If you knew how many people come up to my desk on a daily basis, 90% would definitely be a win in your book too.
  • An excuse to eat pudding cups at any time of the day i.s. a.w.e.s.o.m.e.
  • Classic Vanilla is where it’s at though, if you try to get too fancy with the PCs, it gets gross real fast.
  • Ramen for lunch is as delicious as it was in college.

    actual photo of my lunch today.

    actual photo of my lunch today.

  • Although unintentional, I think people subconsciously assume you have slightly less value when you can’t talk. I understand this, because it does make collaboration more difficult. But I can type almost as fast as I can speak, so really there’s no reason for this nonsense.
  • I’ve learned which coworkers are most similar to my brothers, and which are most similar to my parents. KYLE for example, tried to make me talk all day and made fun of my text-to-voice app. KAY, called her chiropractor to schedule an appointment within 2 hours of hearing about my problem. Both coworkers and personalities are loved dearly.
  • Speaking of said text-to-voice app… cool in theory, totally impractical in practice. It takes longer for the app to process the text into voice, than for me to hand the iPad to a coworker and them read aloud.
  • The really funny coworkers forget they can still talk and start to type back on the iPad.
  • Speaking of chiropractor… that was quite an experience. First trip to the chiro ever. Not as painful during, reeallyyy uncomfortable after. After being hammered in the jaw, I have an ice pack on my face while typing this. My jaw feels the size of my entire head. Follow up appointment tomorrow am and doc says I’ll feel like a new person after that. Right now I feel like I have a balloon attached to my neck. A very fleshy balloon.sore jaw.jpg
  • I’m having a hard time opening my mouth post-chiropractor… so the only logical (and nutritious) solution is milkshakes for supper. (Thanks Ray!)



  • I should listen more.


Little Laura Edmonds

P.S. If you’re new, learn more about me here: http://joywillgrow.com/about-laura/ Glad to ya have. :)

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2 thoughts on “1 Down 3 to go

  1. I can hear the Joy of your words although they may be silent <3 you light up my life!!!and ps. your brothers', daddy or I, would never have survived without the contagious chatter that overflows today from your soul, whether speaking singing

    or in that smile!

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