In which we eat S’mores every evening. Ultimate campfire AND oven style.

I’ve recently gotten on a S’mores kick.


Ultimate Reese Cup S'mores

I don’t know. Maybe it’s that they remind me of summers at camp hanging out around the fire singing chicken train.

Or maybe because I love any excuse to eat three layers of sweet-ness.

** sidebar: (WHO KNEW THAT WAS A REAL SONG?!?!?!!?! Just discovered the Youtube Video!!)

Or maybe it’s just because S’mores are freaking awesome. When was the last time you had one? I hadn’t in YEARS, until about a month ago when Ray and I hosted a cookout to celebrate my *coughinsertagehere* birthday. ohhhhhh I was immediately hooked. Or I guess I was re-hooked. It’s easy to remember just how perfectly tasty these lovely treats are. And even easier to become highly addicted. again.

Apparently S’more is short for “some more” which makes sense ’cause


YALL – since the bday bash we’ve been making a LOT of s’mores. Because Boone already thinks it’s January, I had to figure out how to make them in the oven.

I’m sure there are lots of different methods, but I put mine in at 375 for 4-5 minutes on the top rack and they are PERFECT.


Smores in the Oven

I usually use the top rack so they come out nice and golden, but I guess if you like yours less crunchy shelled, you could try it lower.


*Use a glass or coated non-stick pan. I tried these with my old tin cookie sheet for friends this week and it burnt the graham cracker. Who knew you could burn graham cracker?!

Yeah. I pretty much consider myself an oven s’mores expert now. :P

how to make Smores in the Oven reeses

We had an ultimate s’mores cook-off back in Sept. Check out the different combinations!


ultimate campfire smore birthday party.jpg

^ brownie filled cookie, hershey’s, marshmallow, fudge stripe cookie


^ fudge stripe, marshmallow, fudge stripe

backyard smore

^ hershey’s, marshmallow, hershey’s

birthday smore.jpg

^ Reese’s, marshmallow, hersey’s. (this one is my husbands. Who needs the cracker part?? “graham crackers are healthy, right? They have grains?”)

ultimate smore with fudgerounds marshmellows brownie cookie and hersheys.jpg

^brownie filled, hershey, marshmallow (slightly burnt), fudge stripe



^ Graham, reese’s cup, marshmallow, graham

I think we need to see that one a little closer.

close up of backyard Smore.jpg

Oh. Yes.

Hungry yet?

Ultimate Reese Cup S'mores

The Reese’s cup pairs so perfectly with the marshmallow and graham cracker!

So do yourself a favor, and make some s’mores tomorrow night. :)

If you do, let me know how it goes!!

xoxo, L.


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And because I’m me,

and love any excuse to decorate a party,
here are a few fun shots from my birthday.
campfire birthday DSC_0903.jpg DSC_0899 DSC_0900

DSC_0899 Ray and Gabby.jpg

Ray and Gabby 2.jpg

campfire decorations DSC_0887  DSC_0907 DSC_0913.jpg

DSC_0906 DSC_0951 IMG_5143

schnauzer campfire DSC_0974

DSC_0980 IMG_5033

Ultimate Smore Recipe with Reese Cups.jpg

backyard firepit


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