Today was good for my soul…

Ray and I snuggled up with Molls and spent most of the morning recovering from the last few weeks. We opted for no moving, no unpacking, and no cleaning this morning. We even splurged and fixed ourselves cinnamon rolls with EXTRA DOUBLE icing for breakfast and sloppy joe’s for lunch. :)

Ray even agreed to a Grey’s Anatomy marathon with me. :P What a husband, what a husband.

Ray and Mollie 1

2 hours later…

Ray and Mollie2

Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can do is take a rest

via friends of Type.

I love these two.

Ray and Mollie 3

Best. Saturday. Ever.

Ray and Mollie 4 Time you enjoy wasting well wasted time quote


If yall need me I’ll be in the hammock the rest of the afternoon..

back porch hammock from Nicaragua

Hope yall are having time well wasted as well. Rest up. <3 L


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