Our Perfectly Rustic, Music Bird Wedding Cake

We may be a little late… but Ray and I finally got a chance to enjoy our wedding cake tonight!!

DIY yellow wedding rustic barn reception

You see, our cake was made by a veerrrrryyyyy special person in our lives. :) Leigh Anne, our good friend and band mate, makes THE best buttercream frosting of ANYONE I know. Leigh Anne bakes as a side hobby, and to my knowledge she hadn’t done very many wedding cakes prior to ours. When she agreed to bake for us on August 11 I was SOOO excited!! Leigh Anne totally gets me and “my style” so I just sent her a few Pinterest links of things I liked, and let her take at it!



bird wedding topper

Literally perfect.

Scroll back up and give that photo a look-over one more time. Let the awesomeness that is my perfect wedding cake sink in. :) Maybe if you look long enough you’ll start to smell the sweet buttercream frosting and strawberry center. ;)

I think what I love most about this cake is that I know love went into it. It wasn’t ordered from a bakery who had no clue the joy of the union to take place that day. Someone made it who knows us, who gets us, who loves us. She has laughed with us, cried with us, worshipped with us… she gets it. So having one of my very good friends make something so special for our day brought me so much joy!!! Heck, it still does! lol.

Due to the awkwardness of our DJ making us “cha-cha” after we exchanged bites, Ray and I were never able to actually eat this on our wedding day.

rustic wedding reception cake yellow.jpg

Now yall know how much I love cake. So you understand why this was such a disappointment. When people ask me what I would change about my wedding day, I usually say that I would have eaten my cake!

barn wedding reception country rustic yellow.jpg

One year (and 19 days) later, and we were finally able to enjoy an entire slice!

SOOO, here is is!

Rustic Wedding Cake 1 year later.jpg

not bad, eh? (huge kudos to my mom for saving it post-reception and keeping it in her freezer for 11 months!!)

The hearts are from the bottom of our toppers, which were handmade music note love birds. I love that they were carved in the top of the icing! Leigh Anne surprised us with these and it has definitely become one of my favorite memories from our wedding! It’s actually one of my favorite keepsakes too. Our little love birds are on display at our house. :) They make me happy.

wedding cake 1 year later

What could be more fun than reminiscing about your wedding day and eating cake? :)

barn reception centerpiece wildflower mason jars.jpg bird wedding topper rustic country wedding cake tree log music bird topper music note mason jars for wedding reception rustic wedding cake musician wedding topper pies for wedding reception.jpg blackberry pie for wedding reception.jpg pie for barn wedding reception.jpg wildflower wedding bouquet country rustic.jpg rustic wedding cake music note bird topper.jpg

Wedding Photo Red Backdrop


(photos by Jenni Marie Photography)



2 thoughts on “Our Perfectly Rustic, Music Bird Wedding Cake

  1. I feel your pain on the wedding day regret of not eating cake! At the last minute someone handed us a cupcake on the way out so we ate ours in the car. But the one thing we wished we could do over had to do with our dinner. We took a couple bites and then decided to greet people really quick while they ate, but when we came back to finally have a break and finish— THE WAIT STAFF STOLE OUR FOOD. I got my coordinator to demand a doggie bag but it only had one tiny piece of chicken in it…. considering our dinner was mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, chicken, and steak topped with crab— we were DEVASTATED. We ended up going to taco bell in our wedding get-ups to partake in fourth meal. But hey, at least it was memorable!

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