Life Changes for The Edmonds

You know that awkward conversation you have with a friend who you used to be really close with, and then don’t talk for 6 months, THEN you decide to catch up? For the first few minutes it’s really awkward as you try to get your “flow” back. But then you just dive in and by the end of it you pick up right where you left off?

I feel like I’m there with the blog. I looovveeeeeeee blogging and sharing randomness of this crazy life, but I haven’t blogged in so long I’m not sure how to start the conversation. You see, Ray and I both have new jobs. I got promoted about the time I quit blogging, and Ray got his promotion about the same time as well. I feel like we barely have time to breathe! We leave the house at 6:45am and get home at 7pm.. pretty much EVERY day. Except for when we drive to VA for band practice. We get off work and take the two hour trip to VA, play through the songs for about an hour and a half or two hours, and then drive two hours back to our house long enough to sleep and get up for work the next day. It’s quite exhausting. AND THERE ARE JUST TWO OF US! I don’t know how people with children do it. It literally terrifies me to think of adding another life to our mix right now. We can barely handle our current schedules.. there’s no way we could juggle a third!

BUT, the good news it that we’re making lifestyle changes to save ourselves and our marriage from the destruction of being too busy. We’re re-evaluating our weekends. Instead of having a schedule and a plan for EVERY WEEKEND we’re stepping back and going to intentionally block off dates. Our weekends are so much work we’re not getting to rest. We drive to VA, split our time 50/50 between our families (who we miss so much!), play 3 services at ootbwc, and then come back and go to sleep. Not healthy. The majority of our weekends are more work than they are rest. SO.. we’re trying to fix it.

And another big lifestyle change… we’re moving!!! :) We got tired of the long drive from our current house to our works, so we decided to move closer to the town of Boone. Our new house is less than 8 minutes to SP and less than 15 to Ray’s dealership. SO YEAH that HAS BEEN HUGE. We’re not moved in completely, but things are coming together slowly.

And I’m trying to make time for ME. This means I’m not eating lunch at my desk, and I’m not getting to work an hour early and leaving an hour and a half late. I’m trying to cut off my phone when I get home and stop sending work emails so I can focus on quality conversation with my husband. And I’ve started using the “do not disturb” setting on my iPhone so that after a certain time at night, my email doesn’t go off telling me I have eblast routes ready, or a new comment in Podio, or who knows what else.

This also means I’ll be going to Wilmington very soon to see my Bee. She’s rest for my soul.

Anyway, there’s the life update. Maybe sometime soon I’ll have something more interesting to blog about. :) Consider this our “awkward intro” to the 60 minute conversation where we lose track of time and remember how much we love each other. I’ve missed you.

In the mean time, here’s a cute picture of my pup and my husband.





6 thoughts on “Life Changes for The Edmonds

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging again! I’ve missed your presence out on the blogosphere. Glad you’re taking time for yourselves. I totally can relate and have been trying to do the same weekend-blocking thing myself. Let us know if you need help still moving!

  2. Nothing more important than taking time *quality time* for you guys to chill out and recuperate from the week. Your service with OOTBWC is also so awesome and I wish I lived closer where I could come to church there every weekend. I miss seeing you guys so much. I totally relate to the commuting drive as I drive an hour to and from work everyday also. I am so tired when I get home all I want do is crash. I cant even imagine being married right now I am so exhausted especially still healing from my accident in April. But there is one thing I know for sure if anyone can do what it takes to make a marriage/relationship work the two of you can because you out God first. You are a blessing to know and to be around. Your live shines through. Love and prayers to you and love your blogs!

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  4. We can so relate to this post ….. your hours are almost identical to ours and it’s exhausting. Every weekend we have so many chores or meetings or things we have to do that we have no time to rest… except about 1.5 hrs on Sunday evening. That’s it. Sad. I’ve definitely cut back on my work after hours but I still can’t find enough hours to get my housekeeping done, bills paid, laundry, etc to not work all weekend. Sad…..although I will admit that my Facebook time has eaten into some of the spare time I used to have. Trying to learn to cut back there… being new to it makes it hard. Love you bunches and glad to see you back. Been thinking about your family so much because I know August/September is a happy time but also a sad time as well as you reflect on loved ones who are now waiting in heaven. Can’t wait to hear you Sunday!!

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