Baking Cookies on my George Foreman Grill!!

YALL – This is my best discovery since being married.


I’m pretty much obsessed with this trusty indoor grill. I recently discovered it’s many valuable uses beyond your generic hamburger or steak.

It’s changing my life.

I’m impatient. Everyone knows that. I love my grill because it heats up in half the time and it cooks in half the time. Is there a better deal?!?

Tonight I made grilled zucchini strips.. yum. And while as Ray and I were laughing hysterically at Parks & Rec, my nightly post-meal-sweets-craving kicked in (No, I’m not pregnant), and I decided to get creative and make cookies.

on my george foreman.


Don’t judge me for my unhealthy obsessions. :P

How easy is this?

photo 1 (1)

If you try this at home, you’re going to need to put something heat-proof between the bottom of the foreman and the lid, otherwise your cookies won’t cook on the top.

I used this small glass, most commonly used to hold spirits, to keep my lid at a happy angle above the cookies. It was perfect! Far enough away not to burn them, but close enough to cook thoroughly. :)

It took my cookies about 13 minutes to finish.

make cookies in grill cook cookies on george foreman how to bake cookies on grill

Perfection. photo 2 (2)

Do you know any other George Foreman recipes?? I’d love to hear them!!

xoxo, L


3 thoughts on “Baking Cookies on my George Foreman Grill!!

  1. Thank you, Laura Edmonds. Brilliant idea!
    I feel like running out and buying some cookie dough, right now!
    I’m also wondering if you could bake those “pop ‘n fresh” biscuits the same way? (Though, perhaps closer to the front.)
    There’s no end to the wonders that can be achieved with a George Foreman Grill, and a little imagination.

  2. I’ve done refrigerator biscuits, Grands, but I close the lid lightly, they flatten and, but it works. Discovered this while my vintage oven was being rebuilt.

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