From The Mountains To The Sea

Picture this last night:
the light are out.
Ray is 30 seconds away from falling asleep.
Laura yells “OH MY GOSH.”
Ray jolts in natural defense while thinking we’re being attacked


He’s used to Annalee and I flipping out over random crap.
He congratulates me, rolls over. Falls back asleep.


Not just one of those “oh hey let’s be best friends for 2 years then stop talking” best friends. I’m talking about a legitimate best friend forever. If you’re more familiar with playground slang that’s BFF4Ls. Or something like that.

she makes me laugh.

a lot.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a friendaversary is only legit if you know the date you met. Good thing we’ve got Facebook to keep us straight.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 10.14.03 PM

and so it begins.

YALL – She is top of the line best friend. You can’t ask for a better one. I don’t even need to explain her awesomeness to you because the joy on our faces shows it.

Words can not express how thankful I am for her. From college, to our first jobs, to engagement, to my wedding… she is my rock.

She was the first phone call on January 8th,
The first hug as an official alumnas of Virginia Tech,
She held me when I collapsed on August 11,
She took care of logistics while I danced the night away as Mrs.

She is the best there is, folks.

rayandlauramarriage (413-3)

She loves sand
I love hills

She loves oceans
I love rivers

She loves an endless blue horizon
I love towering mountains of green, red, orange, and yellow

We both love God, laughing, music, our men,

and life.

She’s my rock, my joy, my comfort, my constant.

Here’s to you, leebee. ♥

Bake yourself a cupcake, and let’s celebrate. IMG_4027

photo (2)

148554_1701617379290_1203600093_31894197_7888662_n 149545_1701616859277_1203600093_31894192_4135302_n Photo on 2011-07-03 at 22.38 #4 DSC_0534(2) DSC_0660 ANNALEE

335982_4169418072765_1393271291_o 579961_508498345831180_999920148_n 774609_10200390754750471_1045455165_o Annalee rayandlauramarriage (413-2)


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