Bang Update

Am I actually typing a bang update post? lol. Yepp. Sorry fellas. Don’t unsubscribe. I promise life will get interesting again soon.

This post is because half of my twitter and facebook comments are people asking how the bangs are looking. And since I live far away from home and 80% of my friends won’t be seeing me for a few weeks – heck, why not??

First of all, Thanks. Thank you everyone who was so sweet and kind with your comments on Facebook.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 6.44.44 PM

(View the rest of the comments here)

And a special thanks to My cousin, who sent this photo:

David Bowie Bangs

You’re hilarious.

I still haven’t figured out how to fix them…but I’m thinking in 3ish weeks they’ll be long enough to look normal. Hopefully. :P

Day 1 (3/15/13)

Laura Edmonds 2

Today (3/18/13)

Laura Edmonds 1



7 thoughts on “Bang Update

  1. Well they were very pretty to begin w minus the poofiness lol i dont like poof personally. But i love the side swept! Looks gorgeous on ya!

  2. gurl you are a knockout in the bottom picture (and in the one above) (and in the picture of Facebook comments which you aren’t even in; you’re just that pretty)

  3. You are beautiful with or without, it is nice to be out of the box with a little variety. Love your glasses too! Joy will grow and so do bangs. Lol.

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