Bangs Are Not For Everyone

I knew it was a bad idea.
I KNEW the second I walked into the mall salon for a 5:00 walk-in…
this would not end pretty.

I knew using a hairstylst I had never met before was a terrible plan.
I knew her leopard print floor length skirt and Farrah Fawcett hair with a curly back was a bad sign.


WHY didn’t I listen to that still, small, fashionable voice in my head whispering “dooonnttt dooooo itt” ???

because I’m stupid.

because I let Pinterest and photos of actual GOOD bangs trick me into thinking I could pull it off.

Bangs aren’t for everyone.

and this is why.

hair fail

Go ahead. Laugh. I am too. Half out of sadness and half “IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!”

I texted a couple of my friends a photo directly after leaving the salon.


I look like a Beatle with a mullet.

They tried so hard not to laugh.
“hahahaha, okay yeah, that’s bad”
“it’s a little poofy on top..”
“worst thirty three dollars ever”

and my favorite was my little brother Jacob. He never holds back.


Thankfully I was able to do a little bit of damage control.
I went home, dyed it, and pulled half of it back.

photo (4)

It wasn’t easy considering 70% of my entire head is now sitting on top in a bowl shape.

It’s actually pretty hilarious. I mean really, all you can do is laugh.

So if you have friends considering bangs, share this post with them.

friends don’t let friends get bangs.

Photo on 2013-03-14 at 20.36 #2

Peace, love, and terrible haircuts,


7 thoughts on “Bangs Are Not For Everyone

  1. A) Offended I didn’t get a picture
    B) Diiiiid you go to the place in the mall where people can walk by and watch you get your haircut becaaaause…
    C) I LOVE the bottom picture. :-)

  2. You fixed it very nicely! I have done side swipe bangs for years bc my forehead is so big that I look ridiculous without them but I hate regular bangs on me. You can easily do side swipe bangs with these and you will look just as pretty as always.

  3. Meant to tell you at work, but I loved the way you fixed it. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t even know where to begin on trying to make myself happier with it so kudos to you. I admire your creativity. You really looked great!

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  5. Haha very funny post… Had a similar situation happen to me. My normal lady cancelled THREE times in a row on my so I just bopped around until I found a place with a walk in available… She took the first chop as she told me “yeah last week I took a 5 blade to my hair and just buzzed it” (real hick accent too;-) yeah I had the bowl situation… Good times and all you can do is laugh!

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