Sock Monkey Baby Shower – A Red and Blue Themed Party

My Momma and I thew a baby shower last Sunday. It was so fun to plan! Here are a few of my favorite details.. EVERYTHING was DIY. No decor in these photos was purchased from a store. If you want to know how I made something, leave the question in the comments at the bottom of the post! I’ll put a summary of supplies at the end.

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sock-monkey-party-food-monkey-face-cake-monkey-bread-peanuts-diy-water-bottles    Monkey Red and Blue Party

Baby Boy Sign Quote Monkey Juice

red-and-blue-baby-shower-monkey-party-cakesock-monkey-party-red-straws hit a home run, ride bikes, play in the mud, splash in puddles, build a fort, explore

sock-monkey-party-decorations Red and Blue Monkey Partysock-monkey-party


monkey-party-drinks-DIY labels  my beautiful momma!



This is exactly what Colton’s going to look like Yall!Baby Pictures Shower Decorations



Mommy Baby Sign 1 Red Rock Monkey Baby Shower - Red Straws - Monkey Party - Food for Monkey Party


monkey-food-DIY Pinwheel Monkey Shower Food

party-food-monkey tails


Baby Shower Water Bottles

You Make My Heart Smile Sign


diy-name-banner red party DIY Photo Decor Mommy Baby Sign 2

Colton's Mommy 3 1DSC_0359 1DSC_0362


Red Sock Monkey Party

Baby Wishes for Shower


Wishes for Baby Shower

Guests were asked to fill out “wishes for Colton”. Here are a few of my favorites.1DSC_0708

This one is by Uncle Joseph (Momma-to-be’s older brother)1DSC_0707  1DSC_0710 1DSC_0712  1DSC_0719 1DSC_0713


sock Monkey Invitation Shower Party Red and Blue

And now, the cutest girls at the party. :) Cousins Kate and Mahala1DSC_05302

Look at those cheeks! Hands! Button nose! Baby neckline! Fat legs!!! She is perfect.


This doll is Miss Mahala Grace. 1DSC_07412


Supplies for all DIY decor:
Wishes for Colton Cards – card stock, microsoft word, printer
Blue/Red Tassel Banner – tissue paper, rubber bands, string
Custom Water Bottles – reg water bottles, duct tape, microsoft word, printer
Food Table Cards – microsoft word, printer, construction paper, tape
Twinkle Twinkle Sign – card stock, permanent markers, discontinued frame
Traditional Pinwheels – construction paper, glue gun, buttons, wooden craft sticks
Round pinwheels – scrapbook paper, stapler, glue gun
“Climb Trees” sign – canvas, chalkboard paint, chalk
Invitations – Microsoft word, printer
Colton’s Mommy Sign – heart shaped burlap, paint pen, buttons
Monkey Images – I purchased these vectors from Etsy and used Microsoft word to add text and create layouts
Colton Banner – card board burlap, string, paint, construction paper
Monkey Cake – made by Elizabeth Whittacker of Galax, VA

If you have any questions on the crafts, let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Laura


24 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Baby Shower – A Red and Blue Themed Party

    • Hi Liz, I used Microsoft word to make the water bottle labels. The red around the bottles is duct tape, and then I printed the circles on regular white paper. We glued them with a hot glue gun straight down the middle (it looked better than gluing down all the way around – leaving the flaps up on the side just looked cleaner). Feel free to email or tweet me with any other questions! Or you can comment back here. :) Hope this helps!

    • Hey Liz! I used a tutorial from pinterest to make the round pinwheels similar to this one:

      It’s very easy — the hardest part is getting them to lay flat once you get into the larger sizes. I recommend having a hot glue gun on hand to dab a bunch of glue into the center, and then using a button or something to keep it all together. Feel free to email me if you have questions!

  1. Laura you are so talented. I wish I would of seen these ideas before we did the shower for Brittany because she did Bryson’s room in monkeys. Brittany also loves sock monkeys.Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Kim, Are you talking about the little signs or the actual food ingredients? For the signs, I printed out the labels using microsoft word (just regular white paper). Then I took red and blue construction paper to make the “stand” part. I folded a square in half to make sorta like a little tent, and then cut a small strip of paper to tape on the bottom to keep it all together in triangle shape. Then I added random cuts of the other color (blue or red) just as decoration.

      holler if this isn’t what you’re looking for or if you need more info! I’m happy to explain further!

    • Hi Kim, for the sandwiches we did a variety. A few of them are pimento cheese, some are chicken salad, and some are egg salad. I would recommend chicken salad since it will please the most # of people. Not everyone is a fan of pimento. :)

    • Hey Stephanie! I made the invitations and the wishes myself in Microsoft word! If you’d like me to customize them for you shoot me an email at laura.h.edmonds(at) and we can chat about it!!

  2. You are very creative! I am trying to put together a wonderful baby shower for my daughter who is having her first baby. How did you print the labels for the water bottles? I know that you said that you used Microsoft Word but where did you get the pattern?

  3. LOVE THIS!!! I am throwing my sister’s shower this next Saturday and I am wondering if you named all the foods, like your veggie tray? Trying to make up all the little signs for things right now and I didn’t see one for that and I am having a mental block right now!

    Thanks! :)

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