The Easiest DIY Name Banner

I think I just completed the least complex DIY name banner possible.

DIY Name Banner Baby Shower Birthday

I lucked out man. I went to Michaels in search of pre-cut pennants or fabric to cut into pennants..and walked out with this nifty fabric/cardboard duo cut in the perfect shape.

The actual purpose of these are to make homemade journals (I think). But hey, it’s burlap-ish. It has pre-cut holes. It’s small. Looks like the perfect banner material to me!

Myy cousin is having a baby!  (Hence the name Colton) My mom and I are throwing a baby shower next weekend.

I literally painted the letters free-hand in about five minutes, let them dry overnight then hung string through the holes…

What do you think???

I wanted my letters to look little kidish and not be so boxy so I made sure to use a rounded brush.


I hope Colton (and his mommy!) like it! Maybe my cousin will be able to use it after the baby shower somehow.

I’ve also been working on these pinwheels which may debut later..


I’m getting excited about our sock monkey themed baby shower. :)

Check out the invites! Created by yours truly in good ole Microsoft word. :P

DSC_0293 DSC_0287

Thanks for reading, friends. You guys make me happy.


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