He Loved Me First.. The First Look With My Daddy & Video of Our Father Daughter Dance

rayandlauramarriage (578)

I had my entire wedding day scheduled to the minute. Wake up at 8am. Leave for nail salon at 8:30. Mani/Pedis till 10:30. Manor by 11. Etc. etc. etc. I had my own personal schedule that included EVERYTHING, and then had the “public” schedule below:

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.31.09 PM

But sometimes things happen you can’t plan for. Like an unexpected trip in a cop car to the Galax Hospital. Everyone always told me “something unplanned will happen on Saturday. Leave time for it!” So I did. I was very liberal with the schedule, knowing something random would pop up and take longer than expected. The worst I imagined was a bad hair day, someone forgetting their shoes, or the videographers getting lost. Needless to say, I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined losing a grandparent on the day of our wedding. But! Life happens. And you deal. :)

I didn’t think dad and I would get to see each other before pictures started. I had blocked off a 15 minute window so daddy could be the first person to see me in my wedding dress. I wouldn’t even let dad HEAR about the design of my wedding dress, much less see me in it before August 11. Mom and I had my room BLOCKED OFF to ANY male species. :P I was really looking forward to  seeing Daddy’s reaction, but when I started in hair and makeup at the manor, he was still at the hospital. I assumed we wouldn’t be able to see each other.

But God worked it out. He knew we needed these moments. Dad arrived at the manor literally at the same time I was walking down the stairs to meet Ray. :) I stopped in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and he came in through the side door. I am so thankful this worked out.

First time seeing his little girl in a wedding dress..

rayandlauramarriage (223-2) rayandlauramarriage (228-2) rayandlauramarriage (230-2)

I will always be a daddy’s girl. ♥

rayandlauramarriage (231-2) rayandlauramarriage (233) rayandlauramarriage (234)

AND our Father/Daughter Dance..

(please note Annalee Carter crying in the photo below)

rayandlauramarriage (1375) rayandlauramarriage (1378)

And Dad crying in this one. :)

Father Daughter dance

I searched FOREVER trying to find our Father/Daughter Dance Song…

I think this one suited us perfectly. ;)

I have leaned so much about life, responsibilities, and commitment to family from my amazing father. He has pushed me to reach my full potential since day one.. always ready to give advice and support when I need it the most. (which is often when I don’t think I need it…and am wayyy wrong) He gave me hard work ethic and ambition. He believed in me, no matter how crazy my dreams where. :) He’s the rock of our family, and will always be my role model.

Love you, Daddy!

Red Roblin by Clark Richard

she is just a baby
she’s my little girl
she looks like her mommy
sporting little curls
she’s got lots to learn
though she is sure to know
that I’ll quietly spot her
anywhere she goes

now our little lady’s out with daddy for the day
she fought the yawns but couldn’t stay awake
as I place her in the car
she’s out like a light
cause she knows I’ll get her home all right

she went from the backseat
to hands at ten and two
college came too quickly
her leaving feels too soon
Now I swore I’d be strong but
These are happy tears
Cause I get even prouder
With every passing year

now her weekends will be full of hanging with her friends
but someone needs a call before nights end
she knows I’ll toss and turn
no chance I’ll sleep tonight
til I know she’s made it home all right

if time could only give me
a moment to reflect
to smile on all that has been
to treasure what is left
though I won’t always be here
this you surely know
that I’ll quietly spot you
anywhere you go

and when we are apart remember it is not the end
you know enough to know we’ll meet again
I’ll be waiting by the gate
standing just inside
til I know you’ve made it home all right
til I know you’ve made it home all right

let’s go home

If you liked our video and want to buy Clark’s song on iTunes – click here!

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10 thoughts on “He Loved Me First.. The First Look With My Daddy & Video of Our Father Daughter Dance

  1. Laura, You continuely amaze me! You are an extraordinary woman with your writing and videos. You’re right about the time between 2:30 and 11:00….it WAS PERFECT. The most beautiful and meaningful wedding I have been honored to witness. Your wedding was so Christ centered…and you and Ray….well, you were a match made in heaven!! Love you guys :)

  2. I Love You too! Thank you for being you. I know you will always be Daddy’s little girl, but I am so proud of the woman you have become.

  3. Not going to blame it on a cold this time. I definitely have a soft spot for father-daughter relationships. I’m going to be a wreck on July 13.

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