All I want for Christmas is…

An entire day with this princess.

Kate Ann Holderfield

I hate living so far away from her. :( It literally makes my heart ache to see photos of her and I long to hold her tight and kiss those sweet cheeks.

Jay helps a lot by sending me pictures of life moments, and skyping with me about once every week or so. But it sure isn’t the same as hearing her sweet cackle in real life!

Christmas this weekend…which means family time…which means Kate time. :)

I can’t wait. I mean SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THAT FACE. Is she not the most beautiful little joy bubble you have ever seen?!?!?!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting lately, it’s because I’ve been planning a mission trip! Nicaragua is in 4 days! yikes! This could be a full time job! (which I would love, btw…) I love the ins-ands-outs of scheduling, working with contacts in Nica, helping the team get prepped, etc. It’s so fun! I can’t wait to be home in Nueva Vida and see my kids. :)

I’ll be blogging over at during the trip. Make sure to check it out! We’ll post daily updates and pictures of our activities.

But now? I must pack!! Leaving for VA in 3 hours and I haven’t even started packing for Nicaragua yet…. yikes!

All the team member insurance forms, health papers, and donations are that should count for something, right??? Finding time to pack my own personal clothing has been difficult. :P




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