White T-Shirt Collection – HELP ME!

Nueva Vida Nicaragua

Here’s the deal. I’m heading to Nicaragua in 16 days and I need to take 200 white t-shirts with me. The only way that’s going to happen is with help from people like you. 

Are you in?

Details below:

I’ll be leading a team to work in a community called Nueva Vida, which is right outside of Managua, Nicaragua. Roughly 3,000 people live in Nueva Vida – it was originally established as a refugee camp after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. The people living in Nueva Vida are poor, malnourished and mostly unemployed. More info here. This is FUMC’s second trip to Nueva Vida.

One of the projects we’ll be doing during the week is tie-dye with the kids. They have never done this before, so we’re super excited about it. We’re going to use the t-shirts as an illustration of the salt and light scripture in Matthew and the message translation which says “You are here to be light, brining out the God-colors in the world.”

BUT. The kids we’re serving won’t have white tshirts for us to tie-dye. They probably only have a few shirts as it is, and definitely not a white one to spare. So w’re taking up a collection!

We need 200 shirts by Dec 23.

Want to help???

Clean out your closet!! We’re collecting shirts! It’s okay if they have print on them, the base color just needs to be white. It can be an old basketball shirt from college, a random VBS shirt, a random freebie shirt, a pack of new shirts from walmart…ANYTHING! We need all sizes. Kids and adults.

White Tshirt

Where do you take the shirts??? Comment on this post to figure out logistics. Otherwise, a collection will be set up at Out Of The Box until December 23.

Much love, friends. Thanks for making this possible.

P.S. We’re also collecting colored yarn if you have any lying around.


One thought on “White T-Shirt Collection – HELP ME!

  1. Reblogged this on jayholderfield and commented:
    Our team from OOTBWC and other area churches is leaving next week for Nicaragua! Want to help out the kids they will be working with all week? Bring used or new white t-shirts, or bright colored yarn to OOTBWC this weekend to any of our Christmas services and they’ll be taking them on their trip to make tie-dye shirts with the kids!

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