Our First Christmas Tree, Pain Killers, & Kidney Stones

If I end up saying something completely crazy in this blog post, it’s because I have 4 different kinds of pain meds in my body right now. I think I just told my best friend that my head was floating.

Laura and Bee

Before you flip and think I’m a drug addict. Here’s an explanation:
This was my day yesterday..


And the day before. And the day before. I’m trying to pass a kidney stone. AND IT SUCKS. They say it’s the closest pain someone can feel to child birth. And I believe them!  I ended up in the ER Friday. Now I’m drinking water like it’s my job and waiting for it to pass.

I hope it happens soon. I’m playing bass in the am at OOTBWC…and it would be embarrassing, ugly, or just downright hilarious. BUT, I am sooo thankful for these pain meds. Before I had these I couldn’t move. I’m pretty sure Ray passed the “in sickness and in health” test.

BUT. The good part about the kidney stones is that I got to spend 3 whole days at home enjoying our Christmas tree. :)


Ray and I picked it up Monday this past week. We had no idea what we were doing. But it was fun. :)

IMG_5278No one laughed when the tree-worker-boy came to cut it down and I yelled “TIMBERRR”


Carrying it into the house was fun. IMG_5298


During:IMG_5299After :)


Yay Christmas. :) I still need to put ornaments on it, but I love the simplicity of the white lights. :)


5 thoughts on “Our First Christmas Tree, Pain Killers, & Kidney Stones

  1. I’ll show you how to make the cutest homemade ornaments out of twine-grapevine wreath and twigs! They will fit you tree perfectly! :)

  2. Sure hope you pass those stones quickly……sorry you’re dealing with this during the holidays! Hope you and Ray have a very Merry 1st Christmas as man and wife!! Love you both!!

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