Water Chestnuts, My New Haircut, Our First Thanksgiving, Kate & Dog Beards

I didn’t make Ray and I turkey for our first thanksgiving because I knew we would be eating it alllll weekend long with family. But also because I have no idea how to cook a turkey. Truth. That humongous bird in my freezer totally intimidates me.

So instead I made pork chops. Various thanksgiving sides AND my dad’s famous stuffing (which is actually my absolute FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving every year).

Then we went home on the weekend and had GOOD GOOD EATS with the Edmonds Fam and Holderfield Fam.

Thanksgiving was fun. :)


I got a haircut last week. I tried to pose with Mollie because having a dog in the photo makes taking a pic of yourself a little less awkward. (#SELFIE SHOUTOUT) she adds a much needed cuteness factor to the photos.

Getting a decent picture with a dog turned out to be much harder than expected.


Mollie annoyed by the first photo.

Mollie the lion.

Mollie the ghost.

Mollie the no-eyed dog

Mollie the squeeze-the-life-outta-me-pooch

We decided to switch sides and see if that would help.


It didn’t.

Again. no eyes.

And then I grew a dog beard.


3 thoughts on “Water Chestnuts, My New Haircut, Our First Thanksgiving, Kate & Dog Beards

  1. Okay.

    1) I LOVE your hair like that! When you’re wearing the yellow shirt with the dog.
    2) Brocob has some serious Bieber hair. Get on that.
    3) If I didn’t love your grandparents enough before, I sure do now. #winners
    4) Your parents make the most GOOD LOOKING grandparents EVER.



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