All My Friends Think I’m Pregnant

Once I got married, people started asking me a very personal question..

The conversation happens so frequently I can pretty much finish the sentence of the person I’m talking to. There are slight variations of the opening line, which usually starts with me making a broad statement about my life, future, health status, or sometimes even what I packed for lunch. And then it ends with a really really excited question asking if I am with child.

Or maybe I’m just fat.

Pretty sure I get this at least once a week.


Me: “oh! I almost forgot to tell you!”
Friend: “OMG, YOU’RE PREGNANT!?!?!?”


Me: “blah. My stomach hurts”


Me: “I have a doc appointment”


I really don’t mind people asking

It doesn’t offend me at all. I just think it’s pretty funny that apparently everyone expects Ray and I will have children soon. And while it’s sweet to me that people are so excited for us…sorry, friends.. you’ll be waiting a while. :) I’m fairly open about my life…so I’m pretty sure that if/when we are pregnant, you will know.

I was pregnant once.

But that was for Halloween in college, so technically it doesn’t count.

(side note 1: no disrespect for any actual pregnant women! You are beautiful and my real life heroes)
(side note 2: after seeing this photo, I am totally dying my hair this color again)

The whole point of this post, is that I have learned there is a list of conversation openers I have to toilet-can for the time being.

  1. I feel sick
  2. I have a doctor’s appointment
  3. I need to take the day off
  4. I’m tired
  5. My stomach hurts
  6. I have something to tell you
  7. I forgot to tell you
  8. Guess what?!
  9. etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering… this is what I actually look like.. [photo taken tonight]



15 thoughts on “All My Friends Think I’m Pregnant

  1. That’s what happens when you’re of child bearing age, newly married or married for a while w/out kids :) I can’t wait for you to be with child though…one day–enjoy being married for a while first!

  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I’ve learned to never say the phrase “I have some news…” because EVERYONE thinks that. Also I learned to never say “I think I may be lactose intolerant.” That’s a baby breeding statement too apparently.

  3. I’m saving this list so I’ll know what to say the next time I hear one of ’em. Also, please don’t dye your hair that color.

  4. You won’t get that conversation from me…..although I will be so excited the day God decides to bless you with a child, you and Ray need to enjoy being husband and wife before you are mommy and daddy. Joe and I were married 6 years before we had children and I do not regret that decision. Enjoy your time together and when God decides… will be blessed! Love you!!

  5. Wow, Dad is the rudest. Your hair is cyoot. And apparently I shouldn’t tell Dad that I’m dying my hair cherry red next week.

    Also I have to assume that the entry preceding this one, entitled “THE BEST NEWS EVAAHHH,” is about your impending due date.

  6. Wait a while, just don’t assume you can wait forever. And you KNOW I’ll be doing naked happy dance for y’all when you do have big news! Well, not in public or anything and definitely under my clothes…but you know what I mean!

  7. My Mom was the worst! Every time I felt bad, was tired, had a Dr Appt, she would ask….Are you pregnant? Sometimes she would say, “Your eyes look funny, are you pregnant?” I got so sick and tired of it that one day I finally told her to stop asking me that. I was a married woman and yes, we have sex…..a lot! And if I were to get pregnant, I would be thrilled……….Quit Asking Me!!!!!!!!

  8. Ok, since I love you I’m going to be honest (not that I wouldn’t anyway but you know what I mean). It will NEVER NEVER NEVER end until you actually are pregnant. And what’s equally bad is people feel so free to say, when are you guys going to have kids – regardless of whether they know if you’ve been trying and just aren’t able to. I’ve celebrated the 13th anniversary of my 29th birthday (nice way of looking at it) and we’re constantly asked. And even people who I’ve told it’s not going to happen still ask and just nag you to death. Why do people feel free to ask such very personal questions – you would think they would realize that by my age if I wanted kids and hadn’t had any by now there’s a reason. So either we don’t want kids or God didn’t see fit for it to happen – you know! Sometimes it’s hard not to say – you’re awfully rude! But I’ve tried to laugh about it and make jokes. At a recent jewelry party you had to tell something interesting about yourself and of course everyone tells about their kids & jobs so before anyone who didn’t know me had a chance to ask – I declared an interesting fact about me was that I was the only adult there without children and I liked it that way :) So don’t ask. :) But, in your case – early marriage – everyone is just excited for you and can’t wait. You both are wonderful with kids so everyone knows that it’s meant to be at some point. Right now you need to enjoy your life and take time to get to know each other. And you can always get practice babysitting Miss Kate. :)

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