Confession: My Biggest Mistake Since Being Married

Confession time.

I’m not very good at admitting when I’m wrong (just ask my dad..). But who is?! That’s no fun!

However, I’m trying to be a better person. So here we go.

Part of my marriage vows (which I will post on here soon, once Ray finds his…) included my promises to mess up. So technically, I’m in the clear.

My biggest mistake since being married is not maxing out the credit card, burning the sausage, or leaving the sun roof of my car open overnight. (2 of those three things happened. Guesses anyone?)


You see, I don’t keep our cabinets stocked with candy or sweets. We have a constant supply of Oreo’s for Ray, but other than that, it really just depends on if it’s a birthday week at work and I’m baking for something. SO when there is candy, my husband morphs into 14 year old please-oh-please-oh-please-can-i-have-just-one-before-supper Ray. And if you’ve seen those blue eyes, you know why they are his weapon of choice.

The bucket of candy is already almost gone!!!! I should have known that “Honey! Let’s get skittles because those were my favorite when I was little!” was not a good idea.

Lesson learned.

In other news, here’s a really cute picture of Mollie hating a sweater I bought her today.


What about you? Any lessons learned in the first few months of marriage?


4 thoughts on “Confession: My Biggest Mistake Since Being Married

  1. Two winters ago we lived in one room because we had baseboard heat and it was costing us a fortune to run it. So we turned all the heat off to the house except for literally, one room. Our kitchen light was fluorescent and would not turn on if it was cold in the kitchen forcing me to cook dinner in almost no light. One particular evening I went to make my never fail meatloaf. I seasoned it and added what veggies we had etc. When it was time to eat it we sat at my desk like it was our dining table and were ready for a hearty home cooked meal. We started to eat the meatloaf and about half way through the meal I noticed Dusty’s was pretty much still on his plate and I had noticed the meatloaf tasted really bad. So I finally asked him “Is it just me or does this meatloaf taste terrible?” He breathed a huge sigh of relief and yelled, “YES!” We still laugh over that one. This winter we are in a much better house and have affordable heat :). I’ll still remember that winter as one of the most stressful times in our marriage, but I can look back on moments like that and I just thank God that I had him to go through it with. Now we are coming up on our third wedding anniversary! Time has gone so fast.

  2. You are SUCH a marketer! :-) How could anyone not read this post with that headline?? It’s easy to guess which mistake you haven’t made…you haven’t maxed out the cc’s. You’re way too smart for that. I can’t remember what marriage lessons I learned early on…it’s been too long…but I will confess that I’m still learning 26 years later!

  3. I would say you haven’t maxed out the CC’s [ you know Cort Godwin, right? ] and burning stuff is still ongoing at my house after 53 years due to the computer, my husband calls it “creole cooking”, and I bet you left that sun-roof open and it rained, am I right?

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