Pictures of me in the most expensive outfit I will ever wear

WHEW! Does anyone else feel like Friday should have happened three days ago? This week has been CRAZY.

Soooo… here are a few wedding photos for friends who check the blog to keep up with our lives.. I promise to upload the rest later!

I like to call this “overly priced white bundle of fabric”

ALSo – perfection in dress form.

(OHHHH HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS BUNDLE OF FABRIC!!! I wish I could put it back on and wear it EVERY DAY! )

Okay. So maybe not every day. But you get it.

What do you think?? Good choice on the dress?

Here are a few pics to help you decide..

(click to view full screen)

I always expected to be one of those girls who “trashes the dress” after the wedding with some cool photo shoot with paint or dirt or something. Nope. I can’t bring myself to do it!

I’m still sorting through pictures… I’ve got the whole getting ready / portraits / wedding party uploaded in this public facebook album. (Even if you don’t have Facebook you can still see them there!! *coughJUDY*) hehe.

Eventually I’ll upload ceremony / reception photos. Jenni took a TON! literally. But, I mean, that’s easy when you have a reception as fun as this…

we danced. a lot. :)

More coming soon. =]

Yay or nay on the dress??


6 thoughts on “Pictures of me in the most expensive outfit I will ever wear

  1. Most definitely a “YAY” on the dress. It was so perfect – I love the fact it was sleeveless which makes it “sexy” but it was not too revealing :) The beading on the bodice & side was beautiful and I love how it was gathered at the waist. OHHH – And thanks for the tip that I can see the pictures even though we don’t facebook (yet). That’s AWESOME! Love you. Judy

    • the beading was my FAVORITE!!!!! And the way it gathered too. I actually had it altered because it was originally made to just fall straight down (which I thought was boring..) so we added pick-ups in it to make it look flowy / not perfect. hehe.

  2. You could not have picked a more flattering gown for yourself!! It was Laura Elizabeth’s perfect queen dress! From the way you looked absolutely stunning in it to you and Ray together, it reflected you both, to walking down the isle and the way it hugged your body and flowed beside your father to joining your groom and becoming one and then celebrating and dancing with everyone. It is with out a doubt a memorable dress as much as the couple and wedding is!! I cried when I seen you in it the first time because I knew it was the one! The dress is YOU, my Laura Elizabeth!

  3. One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL dresses I have ever seen, yes you can wear it every day, cook dinner in it but not spaghetti ! Or at least order out and eat dinner in it. It is too beautiful to retire to the back of the closet. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your bouquet Laura ! I could take a bite out of it. Deliciousness ! You had a phenomenal photographer !!!!!

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