Hobo Packs in the Oven [Cheap. Clean. Easy…adventures with little brother]

When Jacob told me he would be working Summer of 2012 at Camp Dickenson, I flipped. You see, Camp is pretty much the best place on the entire PLANET, and I was so happy Jacob was going to be working there for a whole summer! He came back in August with lots of songs, verses, life lessons…and of course, food recipes. What’s our favorite?

Hobo Packs

I remember coming back from camp when I was in middle school, and wanting to try out Hobo Packs on mom and dad. At camp you make them over fire. Now that the hubs and I have our very first [rental] house, we unfortunately do not have a fire pit. :(

Jacob came to visit last weekend and what did we decide to make for supper? Of course..Hobo Packs.

I didn’t think our landlord would appreciate starting a fire in the back yard, so we had to improvise. We decided to try our very first hobo packs in the oven. And they were GREAT!!!!

What we used…
Ground Beef
Bratwurst Sausage (optional)
Shreaded Cheese
Aluminum Foil

Seriously…it was that easy. 

350° for 45 minutes and they are perfect. Cut yourself a large square of foil, enough to roll up the edges and seal it tight after all the food is inside. After covering the foil with butter, we put a layer of cut potatoes and carrots on the bottom and seasoned with salt and pepper. Chopped up a little onion, then added bite size pieces of ground beef (uncooked) and sliced bratwurst sausage. Finished it with more salt and pepper, and rolled up the edges so it makes a fully covered “pack” ..,then popped it in the oven. 45 minutes later, we took them out and immediately put shreaded cheese on top.  Niiiicceeee and melted.

Pair it up with some sister shubert rolls and velveta mac…you’re set. [don’t judge me for not making my sides.]

The best part?? EASIEST CLEAN UP EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Annalee is going to try this later this week. :) Are you?

Super easy Oven Hobo Packs


6 thoughts on “Hobo Packs in the Oven [Cheap. Clean. Easy…adventures with little brother]

  1. oo! You have to let me know how it goes! I can’t believe they didn’t make these in scouts! Ray says they always made hotdogs. :P lame. Let me know if you guys like this! I forgot to say you have to grease the foil with butter before putting in food… that’s an important part.

  2. Laura, first of all, “hubs”, [hip and new age] cute…I had not heard that one before. I like it better than “hubby”. I am definitely going to try the Hobo Pack. It sounds so easy and tasty too. It is never too late to teach an old dog a new trick. Oh yeah, I’d have to switch out the Dr. Pepper for a Pepsi but I bet it will go down with anything , right?

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