Happy Birthday, Jay Holderfield.

Today is Jay’s Birthday!! YAYYY!!!!!!!

Just kidding. His birthday was actually Monday, buuutttt I starting typing this post and then forgot to hit publish. So just pretend like it’s Monday for a moment.

Okay. Just realized that means Friday is 4 days away instead of 3 hours. And Mondays always suck. Scrap that idea.


I love my brothers. :)

And I love celebrating their very unique and inspiring lives.

Jay has had a lot of changes happen in the last year.
and the biggest (and most special) was the birth of our favorite little lady Kate. :) She has brought a much needed joy to our family. You can’t look at the precious angel without smiling. I’m calling it Katefulness. Man, if doctors could bottle that stuff there’d be no depression in the world!

I digress.

Today is Jay’s day. He deserves every bit of celebration.

Jay is a wonderful man, a loving husband, a caring father, and a SUPER FUN brother. ;)

Sure…when we were little he wasn’t always thrilled to be around me.

note hand awkwardly placed on shoulder. (Can someone say role model??)

But now we’re older and Jay is one of my very best friends. He’s still my role model and I still learn from him every time I’m around him.

Jacob and I could not ask for a better older bro.
Thank you for sharing music with me.

The joy of leading worship with your brother is inexpressible.
(yes, blood relative harmonies really do sound better.)

I love you for loving Christ – and displaying that so freely.
I love the passion you put into leading worship. And for chasing after His heart.

 I love you for giving us all this beautiful bundle of joy to share life with
I love you for being flipping amazing.

Enjoy your day. :)


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