Good Morning, Wedding Day.

I can’t sleep. (shocker) I tried. Really. We finished up with last minute manor prep around 10pm, headed to the hotel, watched the front desk guy save the day by letting me print my vows in their business office, hungout with my bridesmaids, went to bed around 12ish. Tossed…and tossed…and tossed…and tossed. Finally fell asleep around 2:30. Up again by 5:30. There’s no chance of me going back to sleep at this point. That’s three hours of sleep the night before my wedding. Yikes! Now I’m sitting downstairs in the hotel lobby awaiting the time for our first item on the wedding day agenda. Which is, of course – pedicures. ;) After the last two days my feetsies are KILLING me. Counting down the hours til 9. I tried to hang out in the hotel lobby for a while. Watched an episode of I Love Lucy.. So now I’m blogging to kill the time til my bridesmaids wake up.

I really wish I could have slept more. I’m slightly concerned about crashing mid-reception tonight… hopefully the adrenaline will hang around until after we say goodbye to our guests.

SPEAKING OF RECEPTION.. BOY, have we had a time with that the last two days!!! First of all, I am SO happy with the way it’s turning out. The barn looks like a fairy tale. It took a lot of hard work (and sore feet) to get there, but it’s going to be perfect. We’ve had a few complications with the manor owner..but oh well.

Oh, and word of advice — people don’t read. If you create a 4 page PDF of weekend details for your wedding party…they won’t read it. :P And by they, I mean boys.

I can’t wait to see all my family and friends this afternoon. :) I’m really looking forward to celebrating and DANCING with everybody after the ceremony!

At this point I’m just rambling – my mind is one million places all at once. Were the decorations finished? Did I leave someone off the seating chart? Who is going to set out the guestbook table today? Will the DJ play the right songs? Will everyone come out at the right time for the bridal entrance song?

And then of course – the general thoughts about being married and becoming one with Ray. That makes me SO excited. =) Less than 24 hours left and I get to be HIS wife for the reeessttt of my life! How awesome. Ray is a God-given gift that I absolutely do not deserve. Our life is going to be so fun today. :)

And now Andy Griffith is on the lobby TV. Rock on. Byeeee

Here’s a picture for kicks and giggles. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Wedding Day.

  1. Congratulations on your perfect day! I am so looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing about all the details that happen today. You are from a wonderful family and I know God will bless you and Ray with a life full of JOY..Enjoy your day dear.. Here comes the sun..

  2. You are adorable! I enjoyed reading that. I wish I could have witnessed you in your ninja turtle shirt in the hotel watching I love Lucy. Hope the wedding prep goes well. :) –Michelle

  3. Good morning, Laura! Sounds like you have a busy-bride-mind! Try to take some deeeeepppp breaths, slow down for a minute, and pay close attention to each second of today, because it will go by fast!! Try to concentrate on each minute as it comes, and don’t be thinking about what comes next. If everything doesn’t go EXACTLY how you want it, so what???? It’s going to be a very beautiful, special day, and YOU ARE GOING TO BE A VERY BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL BRIDE! Even though I haven’t met you yet, I think that Ray is a very lucky man, and, of course, I know that you’re getting a very special man as a husband! Ray was our ringbearer when he was five years old, and a cuter one could not be found!!


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