Virginia Tech Wedding Garter

I’m probably not supposed to blog about this….. but I am too stinkin excited not to!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know. The garter is a hush hush topic that is kinda kosher to talk about, but kinda not. Plus, my wedding to-do list is growing daily… 17 days lef, WHAT?!

Incase you didn’t know this about me, I love Virginia Tech. With a deep deep passion. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Marketing Management, but pretty much came out of the womb wearing orange and maroon LONG before that. Heck, Ray and I even had a Hokie Engagement session as part of our pictures with Jennifer.

So it was an easy decision for me to have a Tech Wedding Garter. It took no thought, really. As soon as I realized I would need  a wedding garter, I automatically knew it would be orange and maroon.

I searched on Etsy, Pinterest, and Google image search trying to find a garter that wasn’t ridiculously ugly. Most of what I was seeing looked like this:


Yeah. Not my style.

And then I found Melissa on Etsy. Her stuff is BEAUTIFUL. Our entire wedding will be very rustic country theme, so I was looking for something with lace, or something that looked antique. She had an orange and white garter I liked, so I messaged her asking about the possibility of adding maroon too. SHE was GREAT to work with!!! I love her!!! She was so excited about the Hokie order!

A couple weeks later (today), this was waiting at my front door when I got home from work:

EEEKK!!! I’m so excited!!!! The colors look a lot better in real life. They’re displaying on my computer funny. The flowers are hokie orange and maroon, off white, and then the lace band is ivory. yipee!

If anyone is thinking about a VT garter (or any school, really) I would HIGHLY recommend Melissa!!! Get yours here

And an early congrats to the lucky lad who catches this on August 11th!!

Sorry, but I’m going to make you give it back… :D

17 days!!!!!!!!


Hi pinners! There’s an updated post HERE with more pictures of the Garter from our wedding day!


10 thoughts on “Virginia Tech Wedding Garter

  1. THAT is too cool! What a very dainty, feminine garter, with lots of VT class!! Whoever this Melissa person is, she’s awesome!

  2. I came across this after being contacted by someone else about making another VTech garter. Thank you SO much! You are too kind! :) I am so glad you like your garter, and I wish you all the best on your special day!

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