Advice for Brides

As of July 11, these are my top 5. I’m sure these are subject to change closer/after wedding date. (SPEAKING OF…Today is exactly ONE MONTH until the wedding!! AHHHH)

1. Negotiate.

Seriously. It’s possible. I wish I had started trying this earlier in my wedding planning. Unfortunately, I just started. BUT IT WORKS! Caterer charges $2900? Work them down to $2500. Everyone is willing to negotiate, even if it’s only a little. Before you call to book a client, have a price point in mind. “My budget is $2300. Can we find a compromise?” They’ll usually meet you halfway, or go ahead and give you the full details for your lower price. (that happened for me! yeeehaw!)

2. Google Docs will be your best friend.

I have used Google Docs for everything. Our guest list, the caterer information, the budget, bridal party information, to-do list, flower orders, even an inventory of decoration items between myself, my grandmothers, my aunts, and my mom. This has been handy because I can log-in at any time to update the information as I remember it. If someone sends me a text in the middle of the day with their new address it isn’t lost in my inbox by the time I get home. Aunt Cathy and I even have a running conversation on docs. We each have our own color so we can ask questions, respond, and keep track of everything that’s said so we don’t have to dig through our overly full inboxes. Google Docs has kept me sane. Speaking of staying sane…

3. Get a wedding planner.

This doesn’t have to be a high-dollar paid position, but have someone who can help you keep track of everything. My aunt has been WONDERFUL at this. Seriously, the woman is on top of EVERYTHING. It’s been really great because I spend my time planning the details / coming up with the ideas, then she helps me execute them. Example? We wanted pies for the wedding reception. (yes, pies) What did Aunt Cathy do? She contacted local businesses to see how much it would cost to have pies, and how many servings we would get out of each pie. She calculated how many slices per pie, and how many total pies we would need. Afterwards, she reported back to me to make the final call. Again. She is FABULOUS. That woman is making my dreams come true. And one day I will do the same for Kate Ann.

4. Don’t be afraid to let someone else figure out the details.

Sometimes I’m a control freak. Okay, actually, I’m always a control freak. This has been a hard one for me, but it helps free your time for more important things. (like finding the perfect shoes) *link* I’m letting my mom find the nail Salon for my bridesmaid’s Saturday morning mani/pedi’s. She’s also on her way to the post office this week to pick out the stamps for the RSVP postcards. Letting go. You as a bride have 1234098 million things to plan – let someone pick up a couple of the items. (like the parking layout. Even though I’d like to plan this with a cute little map – my cousin will be just fine using his pointer finger telling people where to go).

5. Stop looking at Pinterest.

Seriously. Look at it during the first couple months of engagement to help figure out what type of style you want, but after that STOP. It will only stress you out. You’ll try to take on too much and you’ll constantly compare your day to the pins you have on your board. Stop that. You’ll get focused on the decoration details, and forget the big picture. You’ll start to make your day focused around whether or not the picture of this particular item will be pinned and pinned and pinned for thousands to see. Just stop it. My wedding isn’t going to be pinterest perfect, and I’m 110% okay with that.  Look at pinterest in the beginning, and then after that STOP. Only refer back to your board if you need inspiration. Stay away from the “wedding and events” category.


Make your day YOU. If you want to drink out of mason jars – do it. If you want disco instead of a DJ – do it. If you think you can make your own invitations using Microsoft word and an online printer – DO IT.  (I did. *wink)

In the end, it isn’t the decorations, the flowers, or the music that makes the day perfect. It’s knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with the man at the other end of the aisle. <3 Enjoy it. Have fun. Let go.


What do you think?

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