My Wedding Shoes

Shoes aren’t easy for me. I mean, let’s be honest… who has actually ever seen me in a pair of shoes other than my co-workers? (and that’s only because they’re required).

When I was growing up, my church friends used to joke about taking up an offering to buy me some shoes. When I told my father-in-law I had to wear dress shoes every day for work (often heels) he was s.h.o.c.k.e.d. I don’t blame him. :)

I did get away with going barefoot for my engagement pictures.
in the pouring rain.
in the middle of the cow field.
on top of the fence.
walking up the gravel path.
at the mulberry tree.
even in the barn.

That’s just me… that’s always been me.

So you can imagine that when it came time to pick out my wedding shoes it was a little difficult. I’d much rather be barefoot with grass between my toes then have my piggies jammed into some triangular shaped trap. But then again, what if it rains? Muddy feet with a white dress isn’t a good combination. aaaannnddddddd dancing on the wooden slats of the old barn might cause problems the following week. Since Ray and I will be exploring and hiking around during our honeymoon…I needed to keep my feet blister-free.

So I dreaded shopping for wedding shoes. Everything was so ugly. I would spend hours on pinterest and wedding websites trying to find something that looked halfway decent. My bridesmaids and I shared countless links back and forth trying to find something acceptable. I needed flats. Not solid white flats. No heel at all or I would be too close to eye-level with Ray. Would flip flops work? What about a nice sandal? oooo, or I could do blue! Why does everything look like something my grandma would wear!?!?

I needed something unique. Something that said “Laura”.

Since Laura usually = barefoot … that wasn’t an easy equation to solve.

I hated the entire process.

until I found my shoes. :)

Oh they’re perfect. They are the most fun shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m still not convinced they match my dress…but who cares. They. Are. Awesome. Your wedding shoes should be FUN and make you feel fun. And that’s what these do. :) I lovvee them!

So I guess I’ll be wearing shoes after all… unless it’s a clear day. Then maybe I’ll just wear them for pictures. ;) Who knows.

First one to spot my shoes on August 11 wins a prize. ;) Want to guess what they look like?? Give it a try…


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