Bridesmaid Luncheon

My beautiful Aunt Cathy  held a luncheon in honor of myself and my bridesmaids. We had so much fun! I am blessed to have amazing women standing by my side on August 11…my bridesmaids, my mothers, and my wedding planner!

Three Generations. Granny Lineberry, Momma, and myself.

Becky (Mother of the groom)

my girls!!

my girls!!

Huge props to Suzanne for being at the appearance… Kate was born about 24 hours after this picture was taken!

I also gave each of the bridesmaids, plus the moms and Aunt Cathy their present. Each had a bracelet custom made

After our delicious meal, we cleaned up the table, rolled up our sleeves and knocked out 175 handmade invitations. :) I am thrilled with how they turned out! Can’t wait for everyone to see them!!


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