The Story (condensed version)

When my awesome wedding photographer was trying to get to know Ray and I back in January…here’s what I wrote her. I’ve been needing to type up our “story” on the blog – so I cheated and found the message I sent. Enjoy!

Ray and I are high school sweethearts.  There’s so much to our story – but a brief highlight:

We both went to Carroll County, he was 2 years older than me.

The first time I ever saw ray was at a high school football game when I was in 8th grade and he was in 10th. It was band night. (so nerdy, I know) I played flute and he was on the drums. In my high school you can’t be in marching band till 9th grade, so one night a year (band night) they let ALL the band kids march before the football game starts. It’s a big deal for the 7th and 8th graders who want to be in marching band when they get older. I remember sitting in the stands, looking down to where the drumline was sitting…..and then I saw him. HOLY POOP I saw him. I immediately told my friend that I wanted to date him and she told me it was a bad idea (HA!). So for the next two years I admired him from afar and never got up enough nerve to actually speak to him.  You see – he was the drum captain…which is basically the quarterback among the band nerds. Not only that, but he was a drummer for the ONLY punk rock band in the entire school. Many gals had their eyes on him. BUUUTTT I was always too scared to try to be his friend.

THEN……. In 10th grade….on the way home from school…. I rear-ended him with my car. Yep. We were leaving the high school parking lot, the sun was in my eyes, I was talking to my best friend and SMASH. I rear-ended Ray Edmonds. I immediately started freaking out “oh my gosh, I just rear ended ray Edmonds. I just rear ended Ray Edmonds” I couldn’t believe it. I started crying. Humiliated and terrified that he would hate me forever, I was in complete shock. I could NOT believe that I had just rear-ended the guy I secretly had a HUMONGOUS crush on since the 8th grade.

God is so funny. We had to exchange numbers to talk about the damages. You know, who would be responsible for paying what. That’s how Ray got my number. ;)

He called later that night. Through tears, I apologized AGAIN for what I had done. He said that it was completely fine and not to worry about it. I said I feared him thinking that I was irresponsible, and he assured me that was not the case. “Accidents happen, and everything will be fine.”

That was the first time Ray assumed the role he would have for the rest of our lives – my comfort.

As they say, I guess the rest is history.  

We talked on the phone for HOURS after the wreck, and ended up becoming best friends, then girlfriend and boyfriend. He asked me to our first prom in the middle of the Hardee’s in Hillsville. We’ve been playing in the worship band together since our first year of dating, and we’ve been on two mission trip to Nicaragua. (3rd one planned for December!)

He’s my best friend. I’m still just as crazy about him as I was when I was 16 years old.

6 years, 2 degrees, and one dog later… we’re getting married.

I can’t wait for you to meet him!!!!!

So there ya have it!! Tater Salad.

wow we’ve changed! Some of these are embarrassing. Others even more embarrassing but I’m not uploading.

Our First Date

Our First Date

First Prom (2006) – Ray’s Senior Year of HS

Summer of 2006

First Ski Trip. (This is important because Ray and I love to ski - and he proposed 6 years later while skiing Beech mountain!)

Our second prom – 2007 (my JR year – ray college freshman)

Third Prom (my senior year of HS – Ray college sophomore)

First time in Nica together (my second trip – his 1st)

Of course there are large chunks of our story left out; such as college, getting our first jobs, moving to North Carolina, and becoming an Aunt and Uncle for the first time. :)

I wonder what will be next?




2 thoughts on “The Story (condensed version)

  1. this is the most precious thing that i have ever seen! :) i love you guys and your relationship and the way you guys just are together…I hope one day that I will find me something close to what you guys have! can’t wait til August :) :)

  2. Love “the story” and the pictures are precious. Particularly like the black and white one near the end with you two all wrapped up in each other! You two are inspiring, even to an old lady like me!

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