This is what I get for marrying a drummer.

Ray is across the street explaining to my neighbors why we’re unloading a set of drums into my small 2 bedroom house. Hopefully the foundation of their very close house is thick with reeeeaaaaally good insulation. Also hope they aren’t annoyed easily.

It occurred to me that we should probably put the requirement of having a basement at the top of our list when we purchase our first home.. I have a feeling the mini rays (who won’t arrive for a very very veerrryyy long time) will want to crash the cymbals too. Yikes. Buying stock in earplugs. NOW. And you thought having a middle school child learn to plate the flute was painful…….. *ouch*

Mike and Becky…I have NO IDEA how you did it. ;)

Truth be told, I love that Ray is so passionate about using his God given gift! One of biggest joys in life is watching him play and lead worship on drums. Not to mention the fact that he’s an amazing musician. The guy plays bass better than I do — AND HE DOESN’T EVEN PLAY. The man has perfect pitch.

Some people become soccer moms……….is there such a thing as a drum mom? Does this automatically fall under band-mom?? Do they also drive minivans? Or are we cooler and drive trucks? I vote trucks. Yeah.

Ford trucks. :P


One thought on “This is what I get for marrying a drummer.

  1. Yes there is such a thing as a drum mom =-) I think I fit that one pretty well and as for minivans or trucks….well I like my truck…!

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