Hiking MacRae Peak | Grandfather Mountain

I’m REALLY bad about starting a post…saving it as a draft…and forgetting about it forever. This post was originally typed on April 30th, so pretend like the 29th was yesterday – not 10 days ago. oops.

This past Sunday was one of the best days I’ve had in North Carolina since moving here last August. My butt muscles aren’t happy with me…but ooooo what joy it brought my soul!

Ray and I went hiking with these two wonderful people:

They’re awesome and don’t mind when Ray and I do stupid things….

because they’re just as fun


Their family is pretty much the coolest of all people in the state of North Carolina. But that’s another blog post in itself.

If you’re considering hiking MacRea’s peak…I definitely recommend it. SO FUN. Ray and I have hiked many different mountains in Virginia, and I must say the view on this one beat them all.

I’m not going to post a picture because they never do the real thing justice.

Just take my word that it’s amazing and thank me later.

Yeah, see those two ladies? We climbed the LADDERS up to the top!! Yes. Ladders. It’s quite ridiculous. BUT SO FUN!


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