The wow moment.

Hi friend.
I don’t know why this popped into my mind yesterday, but it did, and so I started thinking about it a little more. This isn’t supposed to sway you one way or the other about the dress you buy, or how much money you spend. Of course you want to look great, and it is a one-time deal, so go for it!
But here’s what I can tell you about the wow moment. It comes the first time you see your bride on that day, whether it’s in a field before the ceremony, or when she walks up the aisle. It comes because you know that this beautiful, amazing woman you are absolutely crazy in love with, that you want to spend your life with, that God is giving you as an amazing, undeserved gift, is about to become your wife. It comes because she’s also crazy in love with you, and wants to spend the rest of her life with you, and as absolutely insane as it might seem, also views you as a gift from God. And if you’re really, really blessed, you get the wow moment all over again when you see a photo of your wedding day 25 years later and realize you’re still crazy in love with her.
This really isn’t supposed to sway you one way or the other about the dress. It’ll certainly be the wow moment for your family, friends, and guests. But trust me, Ray’s wow moment is going to come when he sees you on Aug. 11 and realizes you’re about to go from fiance to wife.
And yes, I did tell my wife this yesterday and earned major husband points. ;)
I hope you’ve had a great weekend. See ya for devotions!
My good friend from work wrote me this email after I was stressing about going shopping and finding “THE” dress. He’s right. No amount of decoration or cute invitations is going to make the wow moment any more special. No three pounds less around my tummy is going to make Ray any more speechless on August 11.
What’s going to make the wow moment special is turning around and knowing in that very moment that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man before me.
I imagine the joy is going to be very similar to this:

4 thoughts on “The wow moment.

  1. and Laura-your wow moment will come when you walk down the aisle and lock eyes with the man of your dreams as he smiles the biggest, brightest grin you have ever seen on his face as he watches you, his bride, walk down the aisle to become one with him. Much the way Christ will look at us when we come to live in the home He has prepared for us forever and ever. It’s all glory girl! Magnificent, splendorifous ( I made that up), majesty! That’s what I remember the most about Cort- his huge, amazing, giddy grin! I can still see it after 25 years of marriage! :):) Joy! Pure joy!

  2. Your co-worker is so right…. the moment Ray sees you it won’t matter if you paid $ 25 for your gown like I did :) or if it costs thousands of dollars – he’s in love with YOU – not the dress. It’s knowing you and he are about to start a new journey as husband and wife. The love between you is so obvious when looking at your engagement pictures – that’s something you’ll cherish forever. Love you girl.

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