Love. Love. Love. Our Engagement Pictures

Reasons why I love Jenni Marie Photography
(AKA: my soul mate in photographer form….& AKA: Coolest person alive)

1. She gets me. Like woah. Two facebook messages and I knew she was a keeper. Check our her website and you’ll see why.

2. She isn’t afraid of doing really fun things…like taking pictures in the rain.

3. She’s moving to Canada this summer to get married………and they met on a mission trip.

4. She’s coming all the way back from Canada for our wedding in August. :D

5. She loves Jesus. (Read her “about me” on her website…which is the reason I booked her)

6. She cried when I first told her our story.

7. She cried when Ray starting singing to me during our engagement session.

 8. She cherishes every moment and finds joy in every circumstance. That girl laughs like it’s her job.

9. She cares about her brides not as a client, but as a friend.

10. SHE. IS. SO. FUN.

oh. and she takes amazing pictures… like these below!

Yes I was barefoot in all of these pictures. Yes it was pouring the rain. YES it was awesome.

To see the rest of our pictures, check out the gallery we posted here:


3 thoughts on “Love. Love. Love. Our Engagement Pictures

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