LEGO Marketing Fail. So much Frustration.

While this is only my opinion – and I am still a young lad in the world of Marketing…this frustrated me. 

Yesterday in the meeting I was trying to figure out if the plural form of Lego is Legos or Leggos. Turns out neither are correct

They have an entire twitter profile devoted to correcting people who say it wrong
So sad. So sad.

So Legos, leggos AND Lego (singular) is wrong?!?!? Apparently the only way you can correctly refer to them is in capital letters and no S – LEGO.

I tried to nicely express my frustration of this marketing fail – and then they favorite my tweet. More frustration.

At one point they even had the home screen of their website set to pop up a welcome message about “LEGO vs legos” and the correct form of the brand name.

If your brand name becomes so strong that it spans across the product category, regardless of whether it IS your actual product, build on that. I would have said I was playing with legos regardless of whether they were the LEGO brand, or another off brand of small square block. Don’t force your consumers to change their mind.  What if Google tried to correct us from saying “I googled it” to “I used Google today”? I don’t know about you, but I often say “google it” to refer to using a search engine in general, whether that means on or a different source.

Embrace your brand recognition LEGO!


What do you think?

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