Pray for the People of Sudan

Photo by Samaritan’s Purse

This is what the children in Nuba are eating today (if they get the chance to eat at all) because their Sudanese government is bombing them and blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country. Yes, those are bugs.
Other food options are bark, leaves, and roots. The Nuban people are facing extermination as Sudanese armed forces pound them with bombs, tanks, and ground forces, causing them to flee their villages and hide in caves.

Photo by Samaritan’s Purse

 I am so blessed to work for an organization filled with amazing people who are committed to this cause. You can help too.
  •  Pray for Sudan. Take action. Donate if you can. Your voice does matter.
  • Use your social network for good and spread the word to your friends about the situation in Sudan…be the voice for these children.
More info:
(A special thank you to everyone working way past their normal work day to make this possible…Bless you. love you guys. xoxo)

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