Trim Down starts tomorrow. Major dieting time.


One thought on “TRIM DOWN

  1. You can do it :) I believe in you. I’ve been reading since you texted earlier…here is what you need to remember…

    To lose 1lb/week = -3500 calories a week = 500 cal deficit/day = a mix of calorie cut and calorie burn.
    This means Run 5 miles a day and eat the same…
    Or run 4 miles a day and eat 100 cals less
    Or run 3 miles a day and eat 200 cals less
    Or run 2 miles a day and eat 300 calories less
    Or run 1 mile a day and eat 400 calories less.

    To maintain your current weight, you should net 1900 calories / day.
    To lose fat you should net 1520 calories / day.
    For extreme fat loss you should net 1360 calories / day.

    Most reccomended is 2 miles / day (running / walking, until you can run all 2 miles). 2 miles a day is best for overall great shape.

    Keep in mind that 1360 calories / day is a LOT when it is mainly fruits and vegetables and meat. You could stuff yourself silly with fruit for breakfast, and it will only add in a few hundred cals.

    Something Katie and I did in the apartment was we kept lots of frozen strawberries and blueberries (Cheap in the freezer isle) and would blend a handful of each with a banana every morning into a smoothie. One of those is relatively filling.

    Mid day, eat a snack! Look into the 100 calorie packs.

    Be smart about lunch.

    Have another snack.

    Be smart about dinner.

    If you are hungry / thirsty before bed, consume only water.

    And all of these ideas are relatively cheap (if you plan it out and buy the appropriate amount of things at the grocery store).

    Okay thats a lot. But thats what I’ve been reading about all night.’


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