DIY Living Room Part 3 | My $3 Wreath in 3 Steps

Yep, this sucker cost me $3 bucks. #winning! I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I would give it a try for myself. I couldn’t find the actual instructions so I just made it up as I went along. Try it for yourself! It was so easy!

– fall craft leaves, $1.50 at Walmart!
– glue gun
– some sort of backing (I used burlap material – you could use a frame, cardboard, etc.)
– Scissors
– Wire to hang (optional)

Step 1: Cut fabric in shape of wreath and glue pieces together. (I chose to use burlap fabric so it would look fall-ish if you could see through the leaves. An old frame, or some cardboard would probably work well too.) I also decided to cut in the shape of a rectangle, instead of a traditional circle wreath.

Step 2: glue on leaves one at a time with a glue gun. I used a very small dot for each leaf, and tried to alternate colors as much as I could. I made leaves go in every direction to make the wreath look fuller.  Step 3: Wrap a piece of wire around the back and Hang up!!! I used simple craft wire and made a small loop on the back. I also decided to use the burlap scraps to tie a cute bow for the center of the wreath. 

Seriously, this took me about 10 minutes tops. And now my door looks SUPPPER CUTE.  I already had the fabric and glue gun, so the only thing I had to purchase were the leaves.

Side note: I WILL find my camera soon… I know it’s packed away in a box somewhere. :( Sorry for the cell phone quality.

I love this little wreath so much I may leave it up year long – LOL

Happy Decorating!!!

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