DIY Living Room | Part 2 | Shutter Wall art

I don’t really have $$ to spend on decorating.. BUT.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be crafty and have a cute house…which poses a problem… so this is part II of my DIY Living Room. If you missed Part 1 make sure you check it out! (Radio flyer Wall art)

I went to the thrift store a few weeks ago, and just happen to see some OLD white shutters marked down for $9 each.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the wall beside my TV…so I bought two (18 bucks total) and brought them home. I started arranging them on my wall, but it looked like something was missing so I went back the next day and found an old glass cabinet door. It was perfect!!!

I arranged the white shutters and brown cabinet door on my floor to pick the best layout for the wall. Something was still missing…

So I plucked a flower from the center-piece on my kitchen table and grabbed some construction paper. I quickly cut out leaves and taped them around the flower.

Perfect. :)

Overall, this is how the decorating turned out!

(The wire heart is now gone)

So there you go!! Another CHEAP decorating idea!!
Check back really soon to see the wall behind my door – a DIY star.

p.s. Sorry this isn’t the time I made these, I didn’t have a camera. :(


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