My SUPER EXPENSIVE (not) living room | Part 1: Radio Flyer Wall Art

Welp. I’ve officially been living in my little house for a month…. some most of my clothes are still in boxes and need to be hung up..but that’s okay. For anyone at work wondering why I’ve been wearing the same outfits for the past 4 weeks – I promise I do have real clothes.

I seriously need to get on that tomorrow..

But I have good reasons for not hanging up my clothes though!!! See?

I’ve been decorating!! and sewing and crafting! 

The best part? …. it was all super cheap. For those who know me, you know that I absolutely hate spending money.. hate hate hate it. But I do love to be crafty, which can often lead to a problem because craft supplies are mega expensive. It’s not always easy to pinch I’m going to be sharing over the next couple of posts a few ideas that I’ve had, and maybe they’ll inspire something for your own home.

Part I: Radio Flyer Wall Art
Total Cost: $0.00

Remember these things?! That picture isn’t of my radio flyer, I found that on the internet, haha. Unfortunately, our wheels were not that nice, and the wagon wasn’t in that great of shape. Jay and I use to ride in our red radio flyer wagon ALL the time. I remember getting into fights over who got to sit in the front of the wagon and who had to sit in the back. This was our main toy growing up, so it definitely had a few scratches when I found it in our basement last weekend. Once I saw the red slats sticking out behind an old shelf I immediately thought of how PERFECTLY it would match my living room! So I snatched it without mom or dad seeing. :) muahaha. I mean, it’s not like they were using it anyway.

Who would have though that an old wagon could turn into this…

I love it. :) I love that it’s used, scratched, and loved. It makes me so happy because it reminds me of my childhood. (I’m a super huge sentimental freak, FYI)

At first I started to glue all of the pieces together, but that didn’t work out. I ended up just keeping it on the wall with a few nails between the slats. That’s IT! I took some craft wire (thanks Katrina!) and bent it in cute shapes to add a few decorations. I also found some old cardboard and painted it with chalkboard paint (currently obsessed). Total cost – ZERO BUCKS. Heck yes, that’s the kind of decorating that I LIKE!!!!!

I’ll be posting info on all the other stuff – a few things from this picture, and decorations from the rest of the walls in my house – so make sure you come back!

anyone else have any cheap/thrifty ideas for decorating? Let me know!



7 thoughts on “My SUPER EXPENSIVE (not) living room | Part 1: Radio Flyer Wall Art

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