September Goals

Seriously. I really need to get better at doing the goals at the beginning of the month….. shame, Laura, shame.

August Goals | Did I do it?

  • GET A  JOB at a place where I can use my passion for helping other people to better the organization & the world! (AKA: an awesome non-profit).
    –> Done, Done, Done, Done, DOOONNNEEEEE. I’m still in awe..
  • Finish cleaning/organizing my room.
    –> Actually yes, this is complete.
  • Move! :)
    –> WHAT?! Three in a row?!
  • Post 1 DIY craft blog.. because I love them and really should share more.
    –> FOUR?! Someone write this in the history books.. Laura is crackin out the August goals like it’s her job.
  • Get in shape (will this be a goal forever??)
    –>Ah, Fail. Didn’t do this one.
  • Finish sewing all the quilt squares w/ Grandma. We’ve sorta gotten off track with grandpa’s surgery and my crazy nica madness. No excuses.
    –> Didn’t do this either.
  • Bible. Every other day.
    –> This is half marked out. Mostly because I have been reading my bible more..but not every other day.
  • Make Blogging Friends
    –> HECK TO THE YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually did this one ladies and gents. I am honored to call Mrs. RealLife Sarah, my new friend. :) If you’re a mom – do yourself a favor and check out her blog!  She’s fabulous.
  • No fast food.
    –> another half mark-out. I sorta did this.. I only had fast food a few times when I had absolutely no other choice.

September Goals | THIS MONTH!

  • Decorate my house all cute and stuff
  • Finish unpacking every box from moving.
  • Post another DIY blog
  • Become more comfortable living in my new town… make friends.
  • BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! Celebrate, maybe?
  • Grow deeper in my walk with Christ, amplifying my love and desire to worship him.
  • Start using ootbwc’s twitter and build fan base.

I know September is already almost half over.. shame on me. ohhhhh well.


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