My Monday Mishap

Oh today is definitely a Monday.

I was SO EXCITED to blog tonight about how wonderful this precious girl is

I was thinking aaallllll the way home from my drive to Boone about the blog post I was going to type about Mollie. How she’s the perfect dog… how she LOVES to cuddle…listens extremely messes in the house… poops on cue… gets along with other dogs…doesn’t freak out when I give her a bath….gives me kisses when I get home from work…

But then.. I came home to this:

ohhh boy I was not a happy camper. I couldn’t believe it!! I still can’t believe it!!! Mollie has never done ANYTHING like this before!! For me, or her previous owner! She’s been nothing but a sweet little angle… until today. I have no idea why this happened – anyone have any advice?!

Mollie is 7 years old, and had a previous owner up until a few weeks ago. A very good friend of my brother & sister-in-law breeds dogs, and wanted to retire Mollie. The transition has been completely smooth until now! She didn’t whine, she didn’t tear anything up OR pee in the house. We’ve even gone to my mom’s one weekend, and she stayed with Suzanne and Jay Saturday night… zero problems from this girl. Until today.

I was shocked! At first I scolded her, but then realized she probably didn’t know why I was doing it (bc she probably made the mess hours ago) so I stopped and just started cleaning up. Ugh. I have no idea what got into her today.. I immediately called my sister-in-law Suzanne, and she didn’t know either.

My only theory is a combination of a few reasons that just put her over the top
1. There is a new dog across the barks a lot. I think they just got it this weekend. Maybe Mollie heard the dog during the day and it upset her?
2. I didn’t open the curtains today. Usually, every morning I crack the window (which I did today) and open the curtains(which I did not do today). I like to leave them open so she can see outside…
3. The chair is usually tucked away under the desk.. (still tho, she’s never chewed on anything before)

Maybe a combination of hearing the dog, and not being able to see outside, AND the chair not being under the desk made her freak out? who knows.

THERE WERE CHEW TOYS EVERYWHERE TOO. Why she decided the chair, I’ll never know.

I read online that dogs will do this when they are lonely.. maybe she just missed me? But it’s weird because I was gone the same amount that I am gone every single day…

I tried to be mad at her…but I couldn’t stay that way for very long. I quickly took her outside to break…then started typing the blog post. Look where she ended up while I was typing..

Seriously?!?! C’MON MAN!? How can you stay mad at that face?! I’m sitting in the chair she chewed on (towel over the bottom). She’s behind me sitting at the very back of the chair and has her chin rested on my leg……… talk about puppy eyes.

Look at her staring at me. She knows just what to do. This lady has it figured out. Lord, I pray my kids aren’t this good at it!

I think we’ll just pretend like this never happend, and Mollie can go back to being the best dog ever. Deal, mollie?!? Deal. No more messes.

Ray and Mollie 9/2/11

Has your dog ever acted out when they are normally very good?? PLEASE, someone tell me I’m not crazy and this is normal….


6 thoughts on “My Monday Mishap

  1. Bless your heart for being so good to her….she only is trying to talk to you…She is seven and sent to a new home, can you imagine? She is asking for attention and wanting you to open the curtains for her. Maybe she is mad at you for leaving her with Suzanne and Jay….LOL I bet she feels like ok what now? She is making a statement…LISTEN…

    Unconditional Love is what my dogs teach me, only God has that same instant response. We catch on, but it takes days for us to deal with anger. God and Dogs do it instantly….as I sit here with my favorite doggie ‘s head laying on my computer asking for my constant attention…How can we stay mad at them….

  2. Marley (noun) : a terrible dog that acts in these ways ALL DAY LONG. also too cute to EVER be mad at. Can’t yell at him, can’t put him in time out, can’t nothin. Cause he’s so FREAKiNG adorable. he does the same thing to mom, does something dumb, then crawls in her lap and loves on her till she hugs him and forgets about it.

    Point: it’s normal. sucks, but it’s normal.

  3. Usually dogs engage in destructive behavior either out of fear or boredom. Did she miss you after having you home for a weekend? Or did something happen while you were gone?

    She’s a sweet dog, and I hope you figure out what the problem is!

  4. My puppy only poops in the house when I’m gone…like when I went to Germany she had a lot of problems…Kyle said she is an absolute angel when I’m around but when I’m not and haven’t been for a few days she gets upset. Maybe she just wanted to act out thinking it would make you stay home.

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