I’m going to be a mommy. :)

Yep. That’s right! check it oouuuuttttttttt

Technology is cool. Who woulda thought you could see all the way inside there?! Oh, and by the way.. that’s a picture of someone’s galbladder.

My REAL baby is this precious girly. :) Blog world, I would like to introduce you to Mollie.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more posts about her. I am beyond excited!!! I don’t have real pictures because I don’t have her yet.

Mollie is coming home with me Sunday… to my NEW HOME in West Jefferson!! :) Expect pictures then.

This is a cake momma gave me today. :) It’s Mollie and myself, moving into our new house. haha. Adorable, right?

Mollie is a miniature schnauzer and we’re going to be bffs. I got to meet her this past Tuesday..and I’m basically already in love. She HUGS you. Yes, Annalee Carter, you heard me right. Legit HUGS when she’s in your lap. Could there be a more perfect fit?!


Smile today!
Little Kid trying to eat his ice cream cone while falling asleep. adorable…and hilarious.


5 thoughts on “I’m going to be a mommy. :)

  1. My dad got marley to settle down enough that if you get on the floor and wrap your arms around his neck, he will settle within a minute or two, and then he lays his head on your shoulder and pushes into your chest. He totally hugs. I bet Mollie is SO CUTE! I’ll have to skype with my god-daugger as SOON as you get home!

    I LOVE YOU! Hug momma for me. <3

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