Job. Dog. House.

WEEEELLL. exciting things are FINALLY happening in Laura world!!! Not that things haven’t been exciting lately (graduation, Nicaragua, ootbwc launch, etc..) but these are things that have been in the works for quite some time. And I am SO glad they’re finally happening.

Yeah, remember that thing about grad school???….

Not happenin… for now, anyway. ;) Grad school was always in my plan (I’m a for those who don’t know me.. I’m a HUGE planner)..But right after graduation I felt God pulling me in a different direction. I felt like He was directing me towards the real-world and finding a career. SO I went on a job search. I searched…and I searched…and I searched…and searched some more. SHEW. It is REALLY hard to find a job, let me tell ya!!

But low and happened.

1. I got a job..

at my dream company and I start next Monday. :) Shew. I am BEYOND excited about this. Yes, I’m nervous.. but I’m also so excited and thankful. Working for this organization was in my 10-15 yr plan AFTER Masters….. I never dreamed it would actually happen this soon! My heart is in non-profits.. especially non-profits who aide people in distress. Could there be a better fit?! I can’t wait. Did I mention I was nervous???

2. I found a house..

Yesterday. After getting the offer from SP this week, I had to huuurrryyy and find housing. My parents and I drove to NC yesterday to look at a few different places. We narrowed it down to two and finally chose the one that was my favorite from the beginning. (Renting, not buying, thank goodness!)

I have a porch. :) You better bet my Nicaragua Hammock will be hanging from that soon! 

Kitchen. So important. (I cook a lot..and love it!). There is a lot of space behind where this picture is taken, enough for a kitchen table and everything! There’s also the fridge, and the cabinets extend past the stove about the length of the left side between the wall and the sink.

I don’t have any good pictures of it.. just these few off the rental website. ready for some pics after I get settled in!!!  I am most excited about this house because it allows pets…and,


Or, well, I am getting one Tuesday-ish. :) I talked to the lady on the phone tonight and we are meeting Tuesday to make sure it’s a good fit. If so, I get to bring her home. =) I may wait until after I get settled in North Carolina to bring the pup with me.. Regardless, I am SO excited! She’s 6 years old, and the lady letting me have her is a breeder. She’s retiring her and wants her to go to a good home. Her name is Mollie. :) How adorable, right? Mollie is Maggie’s mom, and looks just like maggie. (Maggie is Jay and Suzanne’s dog – my brother and sister-in-law) There are going to be sooo many pup pictures on the blog, I’m sure. :) This isn’t an actual picture of Mollie.. but she is a salt and pepper schnauzer like this cutie!

Things are falling into place..

Follow your hearts guys. If I hadn’t listened to God’s tug to put grad school on hold..none of these exciting things would be happening. They won’t all be glorious every second. The house will have problems, the dog is going to poop somewhere inconvenient or bark all night when I need to rest, and no organization is perfect…. but I have a feeling these three things will bring a lot of extra joy to my life as well as hard work.

Any advice? I’ve never had a schnauzer before!



5 thoughts on “Job. Dog. House.

  1. Dearest Laura, I am so proud of you and I’m sure your momma is elated that you are with Samaritans Purse…Wish I was working right there along side of ya! Praying for you as you have a “LOT” of transition in a short amount of time…I know the feeling of making big moves. Job changes, moving to another state, getting married…
    Love and miss you & God’s blessings be upon you as you move forward with the next chapter of your life 8^D

  2. So incredibly proud of you, sissy! God has used you in such amazing ways and I know he will continue to! Love you so much!

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