August Goals

I know, I’m so bad at posting my monthly goals at the actual beginning of the month. BUT HEY, at least this time I’m only 5 days late!!!!

July Goals | Did I do it?

  • Get in Shape (repost from June goals. Expect to see this again.)
  • GO TO NICARAGUA (9 days away!)
  • Bring back the 19 people I am responsible for safe, sound, and IN ONE PIECE
  • Effectively pull off the Nica trip where lives are changed, hearts are challenged, eyes are opened & passions are unlocked
  • Get a Job
  • Make Blogging Friends
  • Get speakers organized for porch time at nica
  • Read my bible. Every other day. (Yes I know the ideal goal is every day. But I’m being realistic. Hopefully every day can be a future goal)

hey…I got 50%… that’s pitiful. The “get a job” bullet is in the works…hopefully. So that can be a half slash.. maybe I’m a little over 50% then. BUT considering I had Nicaragua happen in July… I think 50% is okay! Nica has literally been consuming my life for the past year.. soooo much planning and time!

August Goals | THIS MONTH! 

  • GET A  JOB at a place where I can use my passion for helping other people to better the organization & the world! (AKA: an awesome non-profit). Keep your fingers crossed!!!! Something is currently in the works..
  • Finish cleaning/organizing my room
  • Move! :)
  • Post 1 DIY craft blog.. because I love them and really should share more.
  • Get in shape (will this be a goal forever??)
  • Finish sewing all the quilt squares w/ Grandma. We’ve sorta gotten off track with grandpa’s surgery and my crazy nica madness. No excuses.
  • Bible. Every other day.
  • Make Blogging Friends
  • No fast food.

So there are my August goals..with a few July goals carried over. The “no fast food” goal is a direct result of Burger King RIPPING APART my stomach on Wednesday.. ouch. I was up all night long. I think it was probably just because I hadn’t had any fast food since returning from Nicaragua..and then my stomach went into shock after the high fat and grease intake. Regardless, I swore to myself (from the throne) that I was never eating BK EVER again.. EVER. So i’m thinking maybe this is a good opportunity to give up all fast food together??

McDonalds snack wraps, you may be the death of me…and my August goal.

Those will definitely be my weakness.

But I may keep watching this asian youtube daily for encouragement. According to this video, apparently fast-food intake leads to ..

  • Obesity
  • A sad life
  • Difficulty doing pull-ups
  • Difficulty doing push-ups
  • Social Isolation & two asian girls telling you that you are fat.


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