Shout out to Mom & Pops

note: this was originally written Tuesday night before coming to Nica…haven’t had internet access since then.. :)

Well, it’s Tuesday night…scratch that, Wednesday morning. 12:05am. I’m sitting here in the middle of Moore’s Chapel UMC in Charlotte NC… in the hallway outside the fellowship hall where my team is sleeping. I tried it myself for about an hour and a half… no luck. My mind is racing, my heart aching and I am too anxious to keep my eyes closed! I just can not sleep. I know there are a few others with the same problem… lots of tossing and turning going on. J I guess too much excitement. Then there are others cough, the boys side of the room that I KNOW are not having a hard time at all….. because we can hear their snores all the way on our side!! Ha! I’m not pointing any fingers…but I think it may be coming from the air mattress of a certain ordained minister. No names, or anything. ;)

I am so excited. My heart is ready. My planner is full. Every to-do list item has been checked off and the only thing standing between my team and Nicaragua is a flight with American Airlines. Everyone has their passport, no one has forgotten their checked bags, and so far, no major problems. YAY! Hopefully it stays that way. :) We got to the church around 8:30 tonight and were greeted by extreme hospitality. (reminds me of a similar trip a few years ago to Macon..) The church had us their entire carpeted fellowship hall reserved with FOOD and BEDS. They had all sorts of goodies laid out for us – trail mix, crackers, donuts, homemade rice crispy treats, and sausage biscuits for in the morning. We had plenty of drinks and things to keep our tummies happy. They also had the room full of cots and air mattresses. How awesome is that? We may not be able to sleep because we’re so excited…but I guarantee it’d be a lot harder if we were on the floor or in pews!

Jenna and I shared a twin sized air mattress for a bit. Which I don’t mind and absolutely love because we’ve grown up together. I love her. :) She was my bed buddy for the evening.. we looked at each other about 10 minutes ago (after an hour and a half of trying to sleep) and were like “yeah. Not happening.” Ha. We’re both too excited! So anyway, I’m in the hallway right now. I figured I could at least blog a little (even though I don’t have internet access and will have to post this tomorrow). There’s currently a cockroach sitting in front of me pretending to play dead… he’s not fooling me.

One thing that kept coming to my mind while trying to sleep was the faithfulness of my wonderful parents during the past year. Wow. I wouldn’t be sitting here without them… literally this trip would not be possible. Huge shout out to you both.. I am so blessed to have you. Thank you for putting up with my Nicaragua obsession and crazy planning…and even more, thank you for supporting it. For being my backbone, my cheerleaders, my rocks. This. Trip. Would. Not. Be. Happening. Without. You. I love you. Thank you for cooking 100 steaks for guests on Valentine’s day….and for the 10290 other fundraisers you were our MASTA CHEF for. Thank you for driving back and forth between the church and our tent with hot sausage biscuits, chili, and ice. Thank you for helping organize and plan multiple fundraisers and events. For telling all your friends about our cause. Thank you for helping me make the hard decisions, and knowing what to do during the process of planning my first international trip as team leader. Thank you for auctioning off your time as babysitter or grocery runner at our Honey-Do auction, for finding a new Santa Claus when ours canceled (BTW, WHAT TYPE OF SANTA CANCELS?!!?!), for getting off work early to drive to the high school to take part in 1600+ pairs of shoes being lined around the football track. Thank you for transporting 1,757 pairs of shoes to your warehouse in the back of your trailer so DHL could pick them up from somewhere other than main street in Hillsville. Thanks for getting your expert crew to help us with knowing how to pack the shoes onto pallets. Thanks for coming off the farm early on Saturday to help with our carwash at Advanced Auto. Thank you for getting all the food from Winston to Hillsville for fundraisers. Thank you for coming in on Saturday to wrap potatoes for our send-off meal. Thanks for calling Aarons every month for the past 6 to talk about their donated water. Haha! That we never ended up using…oops! Thanks for financially supporting this cause with your resources and time. Thanks for helping me know what to do with 150 chickens after the chicken dinner was a flop. Thanks for packing the car late at night with coolers and food while I was still in Blacksburg trying to take final exams. Thanks for keeping me sane.

Thank you for believing in me. For never doubting for a single second that this was going to happen…  are you crying reading this? I’m crying typing it. From the very bottom of my heart…with every ounce of my being and the most sincerity imaginable…thank you. I love you.


2 thoughts on “Shout out to Mom & Pops

  1. Just read your thank you to your parents….Laura, you are simply remarkable! What a daughter you have been! I know Patti and Jeff are bubblying with pride having you for their daughter. I have watched you grow into a beautiful Christian example for all young ladies. I am sooooooo proud of you! Its great when our children can finally REALLY appreciate all the time and support parents really give. And you have really expressed this in your blog.
    You are really a talented young lady and I know God is smiling down on you because you are using that talent to bless so many. I want to thank you for encouraging Jenna to make this trip with you. You are a great example for my daughters! I know this trip will be sooo good for Jenna.
    May God continue to bless you and you bless others.

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