July Goals

Alrighty, so last month I started a “goals” thingy on the blog. Yes, we’re already a third of the way through July.. oops. Here’s my review of last month’s goals and goals for July.

June Goals | did I do it?

  • Get 1600 + pairs of shoes shipped to Nicaragua | check!
  • Get in shape (HA.) here’s hoping. | negative.
  • ^ Walk every day, Run 4 times a week. | hahahahaha. ha. ha.
  • Finish planning Nica Schedule details | Check-ish. Still have a few details to work out
  • TALK TO HALLE. more than once. (Nica Host) | check
  • Keep my Cum Laude Status by kicking my MGT class’ butt. | CHECK CHECK CHECCCKKK
  • Clean my room. Like yesterday. | …tomorrow maybe? Okay. after Nicaragua. Moving this to an August Goal
  • GET THE REST OF THE MONEY WE NEED TO GO TO NICARAGUA (approx: $3,000) | almost there!
  • Find a way to see Annalee. | done done done doonneeeee
  • Make blogging friends. | hmm. nope.
  • Pull off Nica Orientation successfully. :) Get everyone excited and ready. | YES!!!!!
  • PAY AIRLINE FOR TICKETS | 14,000 dollars worth of DONE!

July Goals

  • Get in Shape (repost from June goals. Expect to see this again.)
  • GO TO NICARAGUA (9 days away!)
  • Bring back the 19 people I am responsible for safe, sound, and IN ONE PIECE
  • Effectively pull off the Nica trip where lives are changed, hearts are challenged, eyes are opened & passions are unlocked
  • Make Blogging Friends
  • Get speakers organized for porch time at nica
  • Read my bible. Every other day. (Yes I know the ideal goal is every day. But I’m being realistic. Hopefully every day can be a future goal)
It’s actually kinda pointless to make a list for july goals because e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. relates to getting ready for July 20th & bullet point number 4 above. I have a to-do list for Nicaragua that is currently at 2.5 pages and growing by the minute. This week is going to be cra-azzyy! Seriously, every July goal is related to Nicaragua stuff…  So sitting here I’m already coming up with August goals (things I know I won’t be able to do in July because I’m so focused on Nica stuff.)
August Goals
  • GET A  JOB at a place where I can use my passion for helping other people to better the organization & the world! (AKA:an awesome non-profit)
  • Clean my room
  • Move! :)
  • Get in shape (because let’s be honest.. July ‘aint happenin)
  • Finish sewing all the quilt squares w/ Grandma. We’ve sorta gotten off track with grandpa’s surgery and my crazy nica madness.

One thought on “July Goals

  1. YAYYYYY For seeing me!!! <3 Get in shape… hahahahaha I've just gotten worse. Make blogging friends? How about music friends? Cause I did that. All of your team is going to come back happy, healthy, and in one piece, no worries! I'm cleaning my room now…. trying anyway… not really working out. My goal is to have my room spotless for the first day of classes. That's August 24th in case you were wondering.

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