Marketing for Good

Marketing is powerful, here are a few quick examples of my favorite campaigns. I love these! These aren’t your typical retail products – but promos made to help others.

Brilliantly executed .. these are the kinds of things I want to be creating with my life.

Donate a word – UNICEF. In Google Chrome, each time a user types a miss-spelt word the auto-correct box comes up with the correct spelling but also the “Donate This Word To UNICEF” option when users right-click the red underline to fix spelling mistakes.

I forgot to write down who this was from, but I have it saved on my computer. It’s a Domestic violence ad.

So brilliant. Feed SA.
Feed SA is “a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa” These pictures of hungry children begging for food were placed in shopping carts. Every time the shopper put an item in their cart, it looked like they were giving it to the child. The captions read “See how easy feeding the hungry can be?” LOVE IT! 

UNICEF dirty water vending machines in NYC. You can chose between malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc. on this vending machine. Money people put into the machines goes towards UNICEF’s water projects in developing countries. 

“Hope Cans” Donation Cans by BBDO Guerrero

UNICEF Landmine Stickers.
When someone steps on this it sticks to their foot, underneath, it informs the user that if it had been a real landmine, they would have been mutilated. Money raised went to people who had been maimed by landmines.


Donate a Word – Unicef

Feed SA Shopping Carts

UNICEF Dirty Water

Hope Cans

Unicef Land Mind Stickers


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