Today was a great day. :) After a full day of interviewing (literally 9am – 3:30pm!), being introduced to wayyyyy too many names to remember, answering challenging questions, walking 6 hours on new heels, then heading back to Fancy Gap to do some volunteer work for an elderly man wanting to give $ to our Nicaragua trip –  I am ready for bed!

The best days are always the most exhausting ones. I am so thankful.

Exciting things are happening in Laura-world and I’m so anxious to see what God has in store. I met some genuine people today at a wonderful non-profit that’s growing the Kingdom daily. They truly have the mindset of Christ and it’s so inspiring. The love for God’s children trickles all the way from the structure and mission statement – down to the actual employees. To be at a job interview and have the same person ask you questions about your resume & experiences also pray over your food before lunch… is amazing. And to have one person end an interview with “We’re going to trust the Lord’s guidance for this position” … wow.

“For I know the plans I have for you.”


God’s will is perfect.

Tonight our mission team helped an elderly man clean out his garden. He’s from Germany and has SO MUCH history to share! He is deaf, can mumbles a few words, and is losing his eye sight. Unfortunately, he has no family and is very lonely. One of my good friends’ family has been helping take care of him – they are angels! His hobby and prized possession was his garden..but because of his health he hasn’t been able to do anything with it and it’s getting very overgrown. Our team spent the afternoon pulling weeds and trimming shrubs. But the best part was getting to talk to him after we were done. This man has seen life, let me tell ya! He saw Hitler..twice! He got up and showed us the salute and what he was doing when Hitler walked by. Amazing stuff. He wanted to sit and talk to us for hours.. telling us everything. About his mom, his job, how he built his roof… he just wants friends. We’re planning on going back to visit him after our trip and taking pictures of the kids to share with him. :) Speaking of…


Shew, I have lots lots LOTS to do between now and then. But it’s so exciting!

Sweet dreams, everyone. :)

p.s. One of my very good friends from school sent me a track tonight for his upcoming album… ahhhh, it was soo good! I can’t wait for it to be released so I can share it with everyone! He’s legit and you’re going to love it. :)


3 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Omg. Laura I just stumbled upon this blog of yours and I love it! I want to be updated on how all these interviews are going! I am sure you are doing great! Ahhh I can’t believe that you are going to be in Nicaragua in a few short weeks!!!!!!!!

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