1,757 Pairs of Shoes

Today, 1,757 pairs of shoes are being shipped to Nicaragua to help a child in need.


That’s 1,757 lives changed.
1,757 people able to do something they weren’t able to do before.
Because of you.

Thank you, community.
We are blessed beyond measure and so humbled by your extreme generosity.

It was a long process of collecting the shoes, transferring to storage, sorting, packing, and arranging for pick up. Endless phone calls with the shipping company, emails back and forth between our host, calls to warehouses and shipping documents have consumed my life for the past few months!

But this is only the beginning.
From here, we turn our focus to getting the shoes released.
Once the shoes arrive in Nicaragua they will go through customs – from here they will either be released pain free, or we begin a long process of trying to prove they are donations. We’re working with a lawyer in Nicaragua who has experience with this sort of thing – hopefully he’ll be able to help us get the shoes released quickly.  If the government thinks we are trying to sell the shoes in Nicaragua and decides to keep them, we could be taxed for every pair, charged for storage fees, processing fees, handeling fees, etc.

Please pray.
There is no telling how long the government will keep our shoes – or how much money we’ll have to pay to get them released.

It’s all going to be worth it.
22 days til Nicaragua. 28 days til the shoes are given out.
What a beautiful and perfect day that will be.

We’ll be updating our group blog from Nicaragua during our trip, so make sure & subscribe to the site.  To read the story of how the shoes were collected: click here. To learn more about my passion for Nicaragua: here.


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