Bloggers of FUMC and OOTBWC

I love my home church. :) FUMC Downtown – Out Of The Box Worship Center. If you’re ever in the hillsville area – PLEASE stop in and say hello. We have services every sunday morning at 10:30am and 9:00am. There’s no dress code, and no need to pretend about anything. We’re all regular people who want to know more about Jesus! More info:

Lots of the fumc/ootbwc fam has started blogging lately…I thought maybe I should put a post together that has everyone’s links in one spot!

Check it! FOLLOW THEM!!

Pastor Ronnie G Collins (one of my favorite people in the entire world, no lie)

Donna Godwin

Brenda Harmon

Amy Jackson
Any’s interior design blog:
Amy’ art teacher blog: (my favorite!!)
Amy’s dog blog:

Corynn Godwin 

Matt Colt Hall

Evan Nester – VLOG

And me, of course. :)

Laura Holderfield

We also have awesome friends of fumc/ootbwc. :)
Mike Morris

Betsy King

Tyler Carpenter

Annalee Carter

Send me a link if you blog & I don’t know about it!!!!


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