The wonder of a child.

I just love getting to photograph children! The pictures always turn out really great and hardly take any effort! I just love how raw and genuine their emotions are. They’re not worrying “will this look good on Facebook?” or “does this angle make me look fat?” They say things that are absolutely HILARIOUS and dance like crazy without a care in the world.
Kis are real. Kids are silly. I like that. :)

These are shots from the river baptism day. :)

Love those puffy lips. 

Samuel is one of my best buddies in the world. :) Love this boy. 

Samuel is KILLING that strawberry.
Click the one below to view full screen. Definitely worth it.

loovveee Jacob’s blue eyes. 

Pure wonder. I love that.

Casey Girl. :) 

I’m positive my parents saw this exact same expression when I was younger. ;)  

and probably this one too. :) 

He was actually saying “No you’re not getting a picture of me, Laura” when this was taken.

Children are just too awesome. This video will make you smile.

They remind me daily that joy grows.

My favorite pictures from the day. :)
According to Jacob, girls still have cooties.

How typical is this? The girl being beautiful, the guy caring less. ha!
The picture below could EASILY be transferred to a couple 20 years later! 

Jacob: “Mom! Why are we doing this?!”
Casey: “Mom. Jacob is not looking at me.”

so so so so adorable. They’ll appreciate these pictures on their wedding day. ;) 

Love those chubby baby cheeks. :) 

Chase found this on the ground and I snapped a quick picture of it. You’ll probably see it in a promo for @ronnie24317 soon. haha! 

oops. he’s not a child. How did this picture get in the children post?!?!?!?!?

kidding. ;) I know one viewer that is going to LOVE the picture above.

Even though you can’t really see his face, I love this shot of samuel. :) He’s asking a question about the swirling water. I love all the wonder and amazement children have. 

Misty, your boy looks too old in this picture!!! He’s growing up so fast. 

And last.. what would we be without our awesome fun parents? :)

April and Jacob.
Hello, can I please look this good after I have children?? Giiirrrrrlllllll you look amazing.

in other news: exciting “life changing” things are happening in Laura world. :)
Updates soon. =)


7 thoughts on “The wonder of a child.

  1. I love that you’ve started a blog !!!! And I LOVE all of these pictures and the captions!
    Thank you for sharing and being your awesome beautiful self.

  2. Anonymous was me – I went back in to verify and that was me – Judy Martin – trying to post a comment and
    it wouldn’t let me click on the name portion. Anyway – trying again to get it to show my name. Love YA!

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